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Hi Guys!  Finally getting a chance to post about our Disney trip!  Although we used to live in Los Angeles and had a special pass to go whenever we wanted (!) we hardly ever went (I know, I know....what were we thinking!?).  Anyway, since we had taken a huge family trip down to Disney World last year, we thought we would make a day of hitting up Disneyland.  We opted NOT to do both parks because our kids are only 2 and 4 and ain't nobody got time to run around like crazy people trying to do it all!

This year Jordan was tall enough to ride pretty much every kid ride in Magic Kingdom which was great.  Lukie is at such a great age too, we hit up Toontown and saw all the characters and their houses.  Although it was a true "kids" trip, it didn't matter, we had the best time ever.  We ate all the things (I'm still sour about missing out on the Mickey beignets!) and rode and walked around to our hearts content.

I impuslively bought this stroller right before we left and I LOVED it!!  Double strollers can be SUPER spendy but Jordan isn't quite at the age where she doesn't get tired.   This stroller is easy to fold and allowed for storage and a quick hop on and off for miss J.

The only true bummer was the that castle was covered up due to repairs (repainting) so they just had a huge tarp up in front of it.  If my arm was twisted, I'd have to say that Disney World was SO much more worth the money.  I've been lucky enough to go several times over the years (thanks mom!) and have stayed in just about every lodging they have and it's by far a more magical experience.  I especially recommend staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge where there are giraffes, etc. on property and you can look out your window and just see them roaming (SO neat!).

Besides the Bucket List Family, is there just a job where you can go on fun vacations with your family and get paid/sponsored for it!?  If there is, sign me up!! I live for this kind of stuff!!


Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms!!! I've been dreaming of going to visit the cherry blossoms and praying they would be at their beautiful peak with nice sunny weather.  I heard that it would be busy at the UW Quad and to get there early but ya know...(naps) so....we ended up getting their early afternoon.  It was CRAZY busy and I kept thinking how cool it would have been had we been the only people there.  At any rate, I highly recommend it, whichever way you can see them.  I'm making it a mission to see as many natural seasons in Washington as I can!!

The kids had a blast.  Jordan was the first to ask to take her shoes off--my girl who just wants to feel the grass between her feet.  They ran and climbed trees and we just had the best day ever.  I love having weekends that feel like a great mixture of fun and getting things done at home.  We capped off our Sunday night with dinner on the deck.  It was pure bliss.  If you happen to find yourself in our neck of the woods, make sure it's this time of year and that you can catch these blossoms!

What's next for us??  Upcoming tulip and peony seasons!  I can't wait to visit the peony farms I've been hearing so much about.

Jaimee Lynne