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Thanksgiving Weekend And The Kickoff To Christmas!

We had a WONDERFUL holiday weekend full of food, family, and too much candy cane tootsie pops!!  Thanksgiving day was amazing and the weather cooperated enough so that we were able to sneak outside for a bit to burn off some energy!  When the kids woke up that morning (4:00 & 5:00 respectively...woof), I was so excited to knock out our pumpkin pie with Jordan and watch the Macy's day parade in front of the fire.  How come the vision in your head of the holidays always seem to not jive with the reality?

**I've linked some items at the bottom of each picture**

Gift Guide for Her

Hi Friends!  I hope this post finds you well and enjoying your Thursday!  Today I've compiled a small gift list for the women in your life.  Some of the things I already own and can completely vouch for (like those DSW Sperry boots & the Levi high waisted jeans!).  I CONSTANTLY get asked about my sunglasses so I've posted a few here as well.  They are all from the brand Quay (pronounced 'key') an Australian brand that won't break the bank---I promise you will LOVE.  I hope this gives you inspiration for the upcoming Black Friday sales!!!  What is on your Christmas list!?

Black Friday Traditions

Who can believe that Thanksgiving is already next week!  With the holiday season in full swing I thought I would post about a few of the Black Friday traditions that we share in our household.  I think that Thanksgiving is such a good kickoff to start some fun and festive traditions with your family.  Here are a few things that we looking forward to this year!

One on one time with your kids & Festive Friday 4.0

Happy Friday!  So, I know that people have different views on this but it makes me SO happy to spend one on one time with my kiddos.  Also, age and interest wise it's hard to fit in an activity that satisfies both.  Jordan and I had a "mama and J" day today and it was seriously the best.  I find it really hard to divide my attention sometimes between both.  Luke is at the "I want mommy" phase 24/7 and will literally cling to my leg as I make dinner most nights which leaves very little focus on Jordan (cue the mom guilt).  Although Luke went to daycare today, I know that he has a total blast and that leaves me free to plan a whole day dedicated to my girl.

What a day we had!  We hit up the nail salon, checked out a local Christmas store, and scored some Hearth & Hand goodies from Target.  These are things I know that Jordan loves doing with me but become challenging when you add another kid into the mix.  Likewise, I love taking my little man on solo days as well.  The things we do are equally fun and I know that each of my children enjoy having mom all to themselves.  

Most days we just all spend together as a family, which I think is also important as it fosters a sense of cohesiveness and makes me feel like my kids are going to grow up close (oh please oh please!).  So, you mamas out there who juggle a lot and who have multiple kiddos to look after....consider taking some time out and spending one on one time.  Much planning goes into these days but you know what? that's ok, it's necessary to give priority to solo time with your kids.  

And now for some fun finds!

  • I purchased two of these wreaths.  The bells are so traditional and it makes me long for New York Christmases and binge watching Little Women.  I'm hoping they will look good hung on our front windows beside the Christmas tree---(Christmas house tour to come..)
  • I also LOVE this wood nutcracker.  Although I love the kind my grandparents used to have all over their house, this wood one is festive but minimal at the same time.
  • Since I'm a red and green kind of Christmas lover-I'm truly feeling the plaid and velvet craze that's going down.  I've had my eye on this poof for in front of the Christmas tree (if nothing else it can serve as a resting place for Santa's cookies and the reindeer's carrots!)
  • How in the world do I keep my Christmas greens looking....green..instead of them drying out!  I found this helpful article that I'm dying to try!
  • I posted on my insta stories (@jaimrichards) but Anthropologie is having 20% off all full-price home decor.  That includes this adorable mug.
  • Finally, I'm on a sherpa kick lately because (comfort) but I found a jacket similar to the one below.  If you don't own a sherpa coat in winter---you haven't lived.

Have a GREAT and festive Friday !

Jaimee Lynne

Style Guide: For the Disney Enthusiast

Where are all my Disney people at!?  We are headed to the sunshine state in a little over 3 weeks and I cannot WAIT!  We are taking a family vacation to Disney World and I just have a feeling it's going to be the best vacation of Jordan's tiny little life (fo sho).  My sister and cousins could chime in with memories of this but I distinctly recall having to wear shirts that my grandmother MADE for us (all matching of course) with Mickey on the front (oh if instagram was a thing back then....)  

10 Helpful Tips When Traveling Alone With Kids

Happy first Monday in November!!  This post is all about traveling with kiddos.  I do a fair amount of air travel (alone) with both kids since my family is all based on the east coast.  I know some people get discouraged flying with small ones but if you want to travel and/or see family and you don't have help--don't let that stop you!!

Festive Fridays 3.0 + No Sugar November!

It's been quite a week over here, but with Halloween being over I thought I'd turn over a new leaf and that starts with ditching sugar.  I started hearing about "no sugar November" on social media and I thought to myself, "self, you need to rid your body of sugar."  I'm imagining this to go how my non dairy days went when Luke was a newborn....horrible.

That's a Wrap on Halloween 2017

We had a WONDERFUL Halloween night.  Since I found out that Jordan was a girl, I've wanted to do a Wizard of Oz themed costume.  When your great grandmother is Judy Garland and you have a daughter, it's kind of a given that she will end up being Dorothy at some point.