Teeny Ramblers

A Blog celebrating the Teeny Ramblers of the world & and all the things that make it work

About Me

Hi!  I am Jaimee Richards.  I am 34 years old and hail from good old Rochester, NY & I’ve always always had a  passion for clean living, working with kids, DIY projects, home decorating and renovation.

I have two little tater tots/teeny ramblers that call me mama, Jordan Eloise (4) and Luke Kanan (2).  We take having fun VERY seriously and are always looking out for our next adventure.  We recently starting making a purposeful attempt at incorporating Essential Oils into our everyday lives.  From sleep to good moods, oils have seemed to be the balence we have needed to keep things running smoothly.  We have even made a business out of it with the intent to share our journey with you!  You can find us at @emeraldcityoils. 

The purpose of this blog is to really document our everyday and to take you along!!  If you have a comment, please share or email me!


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