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Holiday Playlist

Each year I like to pull together a Holiday Playlist.  We have an Amazon Echo in our house and I swear the kids are constantly saying, "Alexa, play Christmas music" among other things...haha.  While I LOVE Christmas music in any form, I mostly appreciate the more upbeat songs that just make you get into the spirit that much quicker!  All with one exception, and that of course is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland.  Interesting fact, the song was orignially written for her to sing in the movie, Meet Me in St. Louis (if you haven't seen it, you should), so it's an extra special version to our family.  So, Click Here to enjoy our very own Christmas playlist for your home.  Bust out the games, or bake some yummy festive cookies, or just chill with your loved ones.  Merry Merry!

Jaimee Lynne

Holiday Bucket List & Christmas Memories

Tis' the season of looking back at old holiday pictures and crying because your babies are growing WAY too fast!!

As the holiday season gets closer and closer, I like to plan out a few fun adventures with the kids each year.  This year, I've put together a bucket list of sorts--of ideas you can try with your little ones that might be a good way of getting out the normal weekend routine and having some festive fun!

1. Reindeer Farm or Zoo-Truth be told, I am SO excited to visit this reindeer farm!  The kids are able to feed the reindeer and learn about them and then get to meet Santa!  We also usually try and hit our local zoo--many have Christmas lights at night or reindeer you can see!

2. Nutcracker party-I am seriously considering throwing a Nutcracker themed party for the kids in our neighborhood.  I've been so inspired by the movie that I'm thinking projector movie on the wall, cookies, and lots of fun, festive, decorations!

3. Mailing a letter to Santa-Many cities have LEGIT mailboxes where kids can send their wants/wishes off to Santa.  I actually just read about a really cool program that USPS does called Operation Santa-where children send in their letters and then these letters get 'adopted' and people send gifts to these kiddos from 'Santa'.  How wonderful!  Definitely plan on getting on this if the program is nationwide like it aimed to be last year.

4. Visiting your closest city to see the lights-Wherever you are, there are opportunities to see Christmas lights.  I LOVE to take the kids downtown in the shopping district, out to lunch, and then window shop all of the festive stores.  We usually stop down to see the gingerbread house display that they have every year and score some hot chocolate too.

5. Ice Skating-This one might not be for everyone but it's on our list this year!

6. Polar Express-Not sure we will get to this one but it does sound fun and nearly every city has this!

7. Candy Cane Lane-We do a really small version of this every year in our neighborhood.  We bundle the kids up in strollers, give them some hot chocolate, and then play Christmas music while we walk around a check out everyones decorations--then we usually vote on our faves.

8. Bake, Bake, Bake!! I found this stellar gingerbread Christmas tree that I really want to try and make with Jord.

I'm sure we will fit in a bunch more of little things that make the everyday, ordinary, more magical!!

What are your holiday plans!?

Jaimee Lynne

Life Lately

How how HOW is it already mid November!?  It seems like all I have to do is blink and Christmas will be here!  We have been super excited for the upcoming holidays (like always).  Whatever your views on early decorating are-we love it!  It's still a super special thing to cut down our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend and we wait for MOST of the decorating until then, but I couldn't resist throwing up our stockings on the mantle this year in an attempt to get all snuggly with blankets by the fire.  I'm sure people think my house is super confused, pumkins here, stockings there but really...we will be flying solo this Christmas season and I'd love for the family we have coming in for Thanksgiving to see some of our festive Christmas decor!

While dad watched some football on Sunday, I took the kiddos out for some holiday window shopping and hot chocolate (what could be better?).  The older Luke gets, the easier I'm finding it to do fun things with them.  We've had cold temps here in Seattle but it's been RAIN FREE and so we have been taking full advantage of a lot of park time until it's too dark to see and we are forced to come inside.

On another note, we have been SO devestated by the Malibu fires.  My husband grew up in Malibu and to say that we are shocked and so sad for our friends and family is an understatment.  Please consider donating supplies (or your time if local) to help out these displaced families.  This tragedy really highlights the theme of the holiday season--family is everything.

I hope you all are enjoying the last full week until Thansksiving, turkey, and the Macy's Day Parade!

Jaimee Lynne

Our Favorite Christmas Books

It's that time of year!! It's a given that I get excited for all things Christmas but I really love pulling out all the Christmas books this time of year.  We normally store holiday specific books so that they feel brand new each year.  On top of that, we try and add at least 2-3 new books to our collection.  My favorite memory when I was little was of my mom reading holiday books to us before bed-books are something I never feel bad about spending money on and I'm always looking for new and different books.  Besides the obvious ones about santa, the elves, and reindeer, I like to have a few books that talk about Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas.  This answers all the questions about why we truly celebrate the holiday.  So, without delay, here is our Christmas Book Edit!!!
(Click the numbers and it will take you directly to the links for each book)

One-Fancy Nancy is one of our FAVORITE book series to read and now favorite show to watch (thank you Disney Junior).

Two-We love the "how to catch" series.  The Easter version has got to be one of Lukie's favorite books.  This will be a 'new to us' book and I can't wait to read it!

Three-I picked up The Reindeer Express when Anthropologie was having their 25% off sale and I have to say, the pictures are what got me!  Plus, this book has lift and see pages which are a favorite in our house.

Four-Olive the Other Reindeer is such a cute book.  This is one we have had since Jordan was a baby.

Five-The Christmas Baby has excellent illustrations and tells the story of the night Jesus was born.  It highlights and easily explains the real reason we celebrate the season.

Six-The Christmas Wish is another 'new to us' book.  It's kind of lenghly so probably not meant for 2 and under but Jordan LOVES longer stories at nights (probably just so she can stay up that much later;)  BUT who minds an extra ten minutes of reading a good Christmas book!?

The only other book I love this time of year is Eloise at Christmastime.  Fun fact-Jordan's middle name is Eloise, we named her after the Eloise books because my husbands family was very close to Kay Thompson (the author).  Kay was acutally the godmother to Jordan's great aunt Liza (Minnelli)!

We usually gift the kids the new books on Thanksgiving, as a way to kick off the season.  I might even have our elf, "minty" bring them by this year!!!  Trying hard not to rush the season (we still have Thanksgiving to contend with--and I'm not about to skip over this holiday!) BUT I'm super excited for all the festivities and fun coming our way!  Be sure and check out our adventures as always on instagram (@jaimrichards).

Jaimee Lynne

Holiday Pajamas & A New name for the blog

Happy Friday!! So for those of you that noticed, I'm in the process of rebranding my site!  Teeny Ramblers is something I've been working on for a while.  By definition Teeny (meaning VERY small) and Ramblers (meaning a person who walks for pleasure, especially in the countryside) are two things ingrained in my life.  Ramblers reminds me of growing up in the country when I was young and Teeny is just how most of my life runs (teeny food, teeny little people walking around ruling my world ;)  and the name just felt right.  I've got some big ideas for this little blog of mine and I hope you'll stick around for the ride!  Now, onto the fun stuff...jammies!

It seems like the months are just flying by, how is it possible that it's already November and in just three short weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving!?  Anywho, for those of you holiday obsessed and for the ones who like to get a jump start on holiday shopping & overall just being festive AF, this post is for you!  Today I've rounded up a few of my favorite mini GIRL pajama options for almost every price point.  Since we spend so much of our weekends just lounging around, I see nothing wrong with splurging on your kids (or your own) pajamas!  I've also listed below a few more holiday favorites to kick off this more festive season!

One // We LOVE our Happy Hannas pajamas.  I usually try and purchase these during the black Friday sale but most times they are out of stock.  I have been LOVING all the inspiration I've been seeing this season for girlie nutcracker items.  These are the 12 days of Christmas but you could totally rock them at a Nutcracker themed holiday party for the kiddos!!

Two // Has anyone noticed that Jcrew has been having like 30-40% off all their stuff lately!?  Which means these cutie snowman pajamas are on the SUPER affordable side.  They also have the same pair on the Jcrew Factory website.  I wanna scoop these for Jordan before they are gone.

Three // Cozys Pajamas!!  This company is the best as far as cozy fabric goes.  These particular star jammies (which are totally acceptable to wear all winter) come in the most fabulous modal fabric but look like they only run up to size 4t!!  I already scooped a pair for Jordan and we are in.love.

Four // Light String Pjs by Gap.  I was excited when I saw these because I have a pair that I bought a few years ago from Jcrew Factory that would match these so nicely, Jord and I usually love to match (she is my baby bestie after all) and I know she would love these.  BONUS-they come in a dark fabric so most spills and stains are hidden! (mom win!)

Five // Mabo Kids dot pajamas.  I am a HUGE fan of these organic pajamas.  They are on the pricey side but I see them as an investment.  Red is such a unisex color so I know that Lukie could rock these again in a few years-saving me money in the long run (the struggle is real for you mamas that have a boy AND girl #amiright?)

A few more holiday favorites:
*My MIL's Stuffing--trust me and make this Thanksgiving Day

*This cozy blanket

*These  joggers-just got them and they are PERFECT for the upcoming season (use code: 3901492561981378 for 20% off your order over $50!)

That's it!!  What are you guys loving this holiday season??  Are you a stay in your pajamas all day on the weekend kinda family??  Either way, check some of these out and tag me, I'd love to see how you decorate your kiddos for the holiday season ;)

Jaimee Lynne

Halloween 2018

Happy day after Halloween (or as I like to refer to it as-fair game to play Christmas music;)  This morning we all literally overslept.  Truth be told I don't even set my alarm anymore because my kids wake up so early it's never usually a problem...until it is ;)  Halloween was SUCH a blast and we had the best time but it always seems like a mad rush to get everyone ready and out the door.

 Jordan chose her own costume this year, Vampirina, but she also wanted to do Vampirina ballerina--not the character from the show so we tried to make her look as much like a vampire as possible (she also requested to be purple...still figuring out how to get the makeup completely off her face).  Everyone just assumed she was bat girl which really pissed her off but I think overall she had an AWESOME night.  We went over to our neighbors house for our annual pre-game before trick-or-treating.  The kids had pizza and the adults took sippy cups of wine to-go.  The weather cooperated and it was a beautifully overcast and warmish night, the perfect recipe for a spooky Halloween night.

Lukie was over the Mickey costume as soon as he put it on.  He literally cried and so I had to grab some Minnie ears and throw on a nose so that he would wear his--hot mess train.  I'm always like super impressed with families that get these awesome Halloween pictures with their families--ours looked something like this, "No Lukie, keep your costume on!"  "I'll give you candy!" "ok, Jordan, smile!, no look over here and smile!"  These are really the best times of our lives though, right?

They were super sweet walking around the neighborhood, most of the time Jordan was one house ahead...like bye Felicia!  Girlfriend was NOT sticking around to wait for her slow walking brother.  Luke was super good at saying trick-or-treat and then would say, "next house!"  I think in the end he was loving it.  We are thinking of moving this coming Spring so this Halloween was sort of bitter sweet, knowing it may be our last in this house so we opted to just stick close to home and then hand out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters.

Overall, the night was a success and now I'm ready to be rid of all the pumpkins and spooky stuff and just chill this weekend, finish up the downstairs bathroom, and start to plan our menu for Thanksgiving.

Hope you all had an amazing and memorable Halloween with your little ones!

Jaimee Lynne