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Our Home..3 Years Later!

We have been officially settled in our home for three years!  When we moved, Jordan was just eight months old...so time has flown as we now have an almost FOUR year old!  When we first looked at the home, what sold me was the traditional layout.  We were looking at a bunch of homes in our price range that were split level...something that I didn't think would be very functional with a crawling baby and dog.

Since this the first home we have ever purchased, it was very very hard for me to keep an open mind and envision what the home could become.  We also experienced somewhat of a 'sticker shock' when we first started looking at homes up in Seattle.  Growing up in Upstate New York, where nice homes are moderately priced, I just assumed the outlying suburban areas of Seattle would be the same....wrong!

All in all I think that we did great with what we had!  The only rooms that have yet to really be touched are the kitchen (have grand plans for this) as well as the master and kids bathroom.  The flooring needs to be addressed as well.  If we stay long enough in this home, I could see these areas being tackled but for now, we are just slowly getting to each project with two little ones and a lack of family help on the regular! (disclaimer:  I'm not a professional photog but I do the best I can with interior shots-a work in progress as well!)

Family Room/Kids Play Area Before:


 Living Room Before:


 Laundry Room Before:


 Jordan's Bedroom Before:


 Luke's Room Before:


 Master Bedroom Before:


Backyard Before:


Progress pictures help me SO much.  There are so many decor changes I make or things I want to update but I really appreciate how things are evolving and how the house looks different from season to season.  

Home renovation is my happy place, what's yours!?

Jaimee Lynne


  1. What a beautiful transformation! Truly. Do you have any recommendations for books/blogs that may have inspired you in your decorating?

    1. chrislovesjulia.com has always been a major source of inspiration for me!! check them out!

  2. It looks like you're totally going for the minimalism look here. Gorgeous work! Did any books/blogs in particular inspire you?