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Gearing up for the 4th!?

To say I'm obsessed with all holidays is an understatement....next on my list, July 4th!!  Not only will I be celebrating my bridal shower but I will be HOME in New York with my amazing family who I hardly ever get to see anymore.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Part of creating the perfect holiday is looking the part!  Here is a glimpse of what I'll be rocking on Independence Day:

Wildfox Sweater
Will I basically rock anything with a flag....I have no shame in my holiday game, that's right!  

I'm also super obsessed with this etsy seller: SweetKiddoco.  I purchased some adorable leggings/headwraps for my niece and I have to say....her stuff is just as appropriate for adults!  I'm having such a hard time deciding which one I'll get but I'm LOVING her new vintage inspired 4th wraps:

4th HeadWrap  
See what I mean? Ugh, such a hard decision!

Last but not least is the food....I cannot wait to go berry picking with my nieces.  It's honestly really fun to do and kids learn so much about where their food comes from (i.e. not a grocery store).  I literally cannot wait! 

I plan on having a meal that looks like this on the 4th...yummmmmm ;)

So pop open a bottle of beer (or a flavored girlie drink) and let the countdown to Independence Day begin!

Jaimee Lynne

Weekend Wind Down

Why is it that weekends always go so freaking fast!?  We had one of those amazing weekends, the kind that make you never want to go to work again.  Part of the reason I love living in the pacific northwest is the amazing surroundings.  On a rainy day...forget it I want to high tail it back to LA but on a good day?? A good day can change everything :)

On Saturday we took a 6 mile hike up to Wallace Falls.  The trail is moderately intense, with a couple of steep hills that lead to one ridiculously amazing waterfall.

I can't believe I live in a state where this is just a short car ride away!

With all this wedding planning, sometimes it can be hard to stop and appreciate the every day things like ummm....sunshine and huge (natural) waterfalls.

We have become quite the out-doorsy couple.  Next on the list? white water rafting (again) and camping! I feel that life should be a balance of responsibilities and FUN.  


Overall, Saturday kicked ass.  

Sunday is always a catch up day.  Laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning are always on my to-do list.  

My husband to be is amazing on the grill.

  For dinner we had grilled chicken marinated in a lime/cilantro/olive oil mixture (to die).  Served some green beans on the side with a fresh salsa consisting of: avocado, tomato, red onion, cilantro, garlic powder, cayenne and a dash of salt and pepper.

OMG, to die for.

I love sunny Sundays (oh and peonies...I love peonies)

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend.  Monday you son of a bitch.... you're almost here.

More wedding stuff sooooon....!!

Jaimee Lynne

The Perfect Invite

It's finally freaking Friday!! Holy hell what a busy week.  Now that I have time to breathe, I'll concentrate on my invites.  Wedding Invites are the first impression you will give your guests, a glimpse of what they can expect on your special day.

As with my save the date, I opted to do something super unique.  Thankfully I have the BEST step sister in the world who just happens to be a budding graphic designer (score!).  So many things go into designing your own invite....who knew!  Paper options, graphics, font, do I want pictures??  It's enough to make your head spin.  

For starters, we began our design process with color scheme.  I'm not going to give away my actual invite ideas quite yet but I CAN tell you where you can score some amazing paper.

Paper & More is full of high quality & affordable card stock, envelopes & specialty paper.  My sis just got back from a stationary show (do those really exist? haha) No but seriously, this girl knows her paper.  We started our invite design process here & haven't looked back....!  Here is a picture of an invite she just recently finished for her best friend, how sweet is that!? Perfect for her special day, I love :)

Your invite should be a reflection of you as a couple.  There are so many great ideas floating out there!  Here are a few I've seen that are oh so cute:

 Or this....

The possibilities are seriously endless.  I don't know about you but whenever I see the word "MRS" it just gets me super pumped for October 25th..... (get here already!)

Whether you chose formal & classy or fun & unique you can't go wrong.  

Our top secret invites will be going out in August & I cannot.freaking.wait.

147 Days & Counting!!

Cheers to the freakin weekend ;)

Jaimee Lynne  

Weekend Warrior

Ahh I have been so behind with posts!!  This past week was a little crazy, not feeling well would be an understatement but today I feel like my old self again (thank goodness) & just in time for Memorial Day!!

Life lately has been a smattering of work, wedding stuff & doing the weekend warrior thing ;)  I live for the weekends!  A typical Saturday & Sunday consists of sleeping in (well if I'm lucky maybe sleeping until 8:30), working out, cooking an amazing breakfast for my fam & seeing what the day has in store for us (usually dependent on the rainy Seattle weather!).

But bring on the wedding 'to-do' list!! I have finally decided on my bridesmaid dresses!  We had to mix up the palette a bit but whatevs, I'm a bridechilla afterall & am just rollin with the punches ;) Here is a preview of the dress that my besties will be wearing & will look amazing in:

Two will be in this, two in a gray color that I love just as much!  How excited am I!?  figure out bridesmaid dresses big fat CHECK!!

I won't give away my whole wedding via my blog but I'm just so excited about it all coming together I could burst....5 more months, ahhhhh!!!

So back to my Weekend Warrior/Memorial Day festiveness post.  I'm in constant awe of Washington & how pretty our new surroundings are.  Today we ventured out in the woods & came across this:

Ridic, right!?  Rain or no rain I'll take this over smog filled LA any day!

The look of Love ;) & thank you rain for my beautiful do'

Even our dog, Rocky got in on some of the action!  Here's our rendition of Lion King's Pride Rock #simba #oldschool (Who doesn't love this movie!?  If the answer is no, you can just stop reading here;)

The one snag in our weekend was that we were not supposed to be in Washington at all, but at the wedding of one of my oldest friends...unfortunately, life gets in the way, shit happens but she looked absolutely gorgeous (I knew she would) & it makes me super excited for our special day.

So (deep breath)

2 1/2 weeks left of school, 5 weeks until my bridal shower back home, 6 weeks until our joint bachelor/bachelorette in Vegas and 5 months until the wedding.....what.a.freaking.beautiful.life.I.lead.

Next post.....invitation ideas!! Things to consider and our thought process in creating one kick ass invite!

P.S. for those of you wondering....I've made my decision in the battle of the veil vs. head piece and you'll just have to wait to see what I've chosen!

Jaimee Lynne

Wedding Attire 101

Ahhh, such a busy life lately!!  This week I started back as a school psychologist and if you know anything about stepping into a school psych role with a month left of school.....well you know why I'm a week late with posts!

At any rate....back to a wedding state of mind!!  If you, like me, are in your mid to late 20's you know that right around April/May starts the ever busy wedding season!!  Apart from planning my own nuptials, I already have a boat load of weddings to attend this summer!  Don't get me wrong, I'm that sucker who LOVES a good, romantic wedding but this begs the question...what I am supposed to wear to these things!? 

I'm slightly...(ok more than slightly) obsessed with peplum dresses!  One of my childhood best friends gets married in 2 weeks & you best believe I'll try and rock a look like this:

green peplum <3 (purchased last year, urbanoutfitters)

Naturally, I thought I'd do a post that would give the average wedding goer a nice selection of dress options for any type of occasion!

The first dress just to die for!  I'm also obsessed with Scalloped pieces and the fact that it incorporates the peplum style makes it a no brainer.  The orange dress would be an interesting color choice but I'm really feeling the construction of this dress (it also comes in navy & white).  Last but not least, the sequin maxi.  This would be more for your summer/beach wedding but really...if it's hot out you can rock it at will!

The best part of attending weddings is seeing friends & family that you haven't seen in forever.  It's such a treat to spend one amazing night with all the people I love in one room :)  

Everyone has a crazy family picture somewhere...don't they?
I also LOVE getting my dance on.  We've already instructed our DJ that under NO circumstances can he play the 'electric slide', 'YMCA' or the 'macarena'....I'm sorry but that is not happening.

Ok...I think I WAS dancing the electric slide here but that's really another story entirely.  This only happened after a couple of drinks...I totally look like I'm owning the dance floor in my cute wedge shoes that killed me feet by the end of the night ;)

Whatever.  Life goes on.

Which ever way you choose to celebrate weddings this spring/summer...have fun!!  Pick an outfit you feel comfortable and can DANCE in, make a fool of yourself and don't take life too seriously!

I cannot wait until my wedding....5 months and counting!

Jaimee Lynne

Mini Vaca & Drinko De Mayo

Sunday night!  Ahh, I love love love Sundays at home with my boys.  Laundry is all caught up, dishes are done, & house has been cleaned!!  What a busy but FUN week we have had.  We visited California (my mother-in-law lives in Palm Springs).  I know what you're thinking, 'you lucky son of a bitch!-and you'd be right!  Whenever we get some time off we fly down there every chance we get!

What I love most about these trips is spending time with Jesse's family, they are beyond amazing.  I really don't have any of those nightmarish stories you hear about where the mother-in-law is a total psycho who can't cut the cord from her little boy.  My mama in law Lorna is one of my favorite people and needless to say...this visit was one of our best!  We brunched, we lunched & then we ate a whole shit load of Mexican (I see nothing wrong with celebrating Cinco De Mayo 5 whole days before the 5th...who is with me!?)

First things first, Starbucks & tanning: Check.

you can find swimsuit here

 Swimming Lessons

Snapped this photo of my two favorite pups

Enjoyed one of the best damn Strawberry Margaritas I've ever had...every.single.night (yummm!)

On our way out of the Desert, saw this scary fire....

So we high tailed it out to Ventura to play on the beach

&...Visit with more amazing family

Chatted with my Deb mama about wedding plans &

comfy sweater you can find here

Took a family pic on the Beach!

All in all we had a GREAT time, saw so many people & had a GREAT mini vacation!!  Life is all about small moments that make up the big, aren't they!?

Hope everyone had a great week and an even better weekend!



The Battle of Head Pieces V. Veils

I know I go off on tangents but this really did start out as a wedding blog.... (I swear!) I need your help!  I'm sure this is a no brainer but I'm having SUCH a difficult time deciding between wearing a head piece versus a veil.  Part of this dilemma is that there are times when I feel like such a gypsy with flowy style & a love of unstructured pieces while other times I really appreciate that classic look.  This is where you come in!

I've given my fiance strict instructions not to go on my blog so I think I'm safe in posting these pictures!!  Here are a few photos that were taken of me & my to.die.for dress:

See what I mean?  I really could go in one of two directions here. One thing I do NOT want is to be like every other bride on the planet, I'd like to keep a little individuality.

Here are a couple of ideas I've put together of head pieces vs. traditional veils.  Please let me know what you think I have a lot riding on this people!

photo credit & links can all be found here

Decision, decisions decisions....

I don't eff around with style so this is really messing with my head.  So much planning that goes into just one day of your life, makes my head spin.

All I know is that if I'm walking down that aisle, feeling like a gorgeous blushing bride...mission accomplished!


Hair Tutorial & Life Lately

Life has been one crazy mother lately!  Luckily we have had some BEAUTIFUL weather this week in Seattle & I have taken full advantage of all the sunshine.  I start back up as a school psychologist in about a week (I know, let the craziness ensue) & Jesse celebrated his 29th Birthday this week.  We did it up good with cake, birthday drinks & a yummy dinner at Elliot's Oyster House.

Waiting for Dad to get home!
On Tuesday we leave for Los Angeles for a little R&R & to see some family so I'm sure between that & drinko de mayo (did I just say that?) There will be plenty for me to post when I get back.

As per your request, I have posted another hair tutorial!  This time it is just a simple rope braid but it is the type of hair style that is seriously no fuss and that you can do in literally 2 minutes (my kind of braid!)  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  In the coming weeks I hope to post a bunch more cute & easy hair tutorials for the summ summ summertime.

Rope Braid Tutorial

 If you want to look at a couple of my previous tutorials go to the link above that says "tutorials' or click here



Chronicles of a Junkie: Makeup Edition

For everyone who is constantly asking me what makeup products I use...this is the post for you!  Now, as a junkie I obviously have tons of stuff but when I'm in a rush & need to jet out the door, these are my tried and true 'go to' products that are bomb (and easy on the wallet, yea!)

1.  bareMinerals Mineral Veil:  I am OBSESSED with this stuff, not only is it a light weight setting powder, it doesn't feed 'cakey' & doesn't make you look too matte (you can find it here)

2. bareMinerals original foundation:  I have tried MANY many (did I say many?) formulas of foundation, the expensive and the inexpensive.  I cannot say enough good things about this product.  It is easily blendable & doesn't require too much product to get full coverage.  I use a cute little kabuki brush & make light circular motions until my skintone is even.  Those compliments on my skin? 70% is because of this! (you can find it here)

3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:  I'll admit that I have oily skin & by the end of the day my eyeshadow is looking like a hot mess.  This little tube of miracles saves me from having to touch up....ever!  Even when I am short on time I NEVER miss this step. (you can find it here)

4.  Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer:  Since I started using this product, I haven't looked back.  It has a tacky texture & is great at covering dark circles, redness & blemishes, highly highly recommend (you can find it here)

5.  Revlon Photoready Primer:  Every makeup routine should probably include a primer.  All primer does is simply even out the skin tone & fills in those pesky lines that you don't want anyone to see!  In a pinch I will skip this but if I'm taking my time, I will for sure dab a little all over my skin (you can find it here)

6.  Sonia Kashuk Brushes:  Ok, so brushes are really important but we all don't have millions to drop at Sephora or MAC all the time.  When I want sturdy brushes that are soooo cute I turn to Sonia's. I also am very fond of the Eco Tools brushes (you can find them here)

7.  Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black:  If you ladies haven't tried this I'll pretend not to know.  This is the BEST mascara, it is amazing at separating your lashes & making them look long & chic! love love love (you can find it here)

8.  Maybelline Bouncy Dream Blush:  I just started using this (after being a huge fan of NARS) and I have to say that I was very surprised...pleasantly surprised actually.  This light weight cream blush is perfect at giving your cheeks some natural color (you can find it here)

9.  Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen:  I love a good cat eye and create this look...OFTEN.  I have tried everything from gels to wands and nothing gets the look I am going for like this pen.  It is long lasting & doesn't smudge, in a word: perfection (you can find it here)

10.  NARS Bronzer in Laguna:  Since I no longer live in sunny California, I've depended on this stuff to look like a normal human being (no joke).  I love this color & use it often if I'm contouring (you can find it here)

11.  NARS blush in Orgasm:  Until this little blush came along I never truly understood the power of the perfect cheek color.  Orgasm is flattering on everyone, lasts a very long time and has a slight shimmer which is amazing (especially in summer).  Needless to say you will never catch me without this! (you can find it here)

12.  Maybelline Eye Quad in Give me Gold:  Last but not least, eyeshadow!  While I own TONS of eyeshadow, this little quad is among my faves.  If I have time, I usually pat the lightest color on over the entire lid, blend the next light goldish color in the upper crease, then take the bronze color and in wiper motions blend it back & forth in the crease.  Lastly (& after I put on my eyeliner) I use the darkest color for my bottom eyeliner.  Then using a pencil brush I add some to the outer crease and blend blend blend (you can find it here)

Voila!  A full proof make up arsenal...I am ready for my day (and probably my wedding day too!)

Comment & let me know which makeup products you die for!


It's Time To Love The Planet

Happy Birthday Earth!

If any of you know me...you also know that ANY holiday is my favorite, that includes these odd ball days but whatevs a holiday is a holiday.

Earth Day, a whole day devoted to the earth!!  Since I have become increasingly aware of my health & what I'm putting into my body, earth day seems like a good a day as any to break out the organic products & bake up some amazing Earth Day treats.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and followed this link to a kick ass blog Bird on a Cake.  Cupcakes have been a long time weakness of mine and these are such a cute idea.  My plan was to make a dozen, eat maybe 2 (ok maybe 3 or 4) & then dump the rest (I DO have a wedding to look good for after all).

Here's how it went down:

I had some cupcake mix on hand from William Sonoma (vanilla bean cupcakes...to die for).  Add to that the necessary ingredients and once evenly mixed, divide your cake batter into 2 bowls (one bowl for green batter, the other for blue).  The only difference was that I opted to use natural food coloring.  Next, Line your cupcake pan with baking cups and alternate your colors by dropping spoonfuls of batter into cups. 

Bake at 350 for around 16-18 minutes.


Now you are ready to decorate & stuff your face!! (well...maybe not 'stuff' but enjoy one or two ;)

I also made a stop today to our local park.  I take my dog there all the time & since we moved up to Seattle they have this amazing thing that I've discovered, a COMMUNITY garden.  It is SO neat.  You can help plant flowers, fruit and veggies and then when it comes time to harvest....harvest all that amazing organically grown produce!  Here is a picture of the garden:

It doesn't look like much but it's such an awesome concept!  I cannot wait to have kids one day and show them where food comes from and what is means to plant a seed into the ground and watch it grow. YEA MAN!

Last but not least, this fashion/beauty blog would be nothing without a post of the top 10 Eco Friendly Beauty products.  I came across this posting and I am in love with all of these products.  Remember when I told you I was trying to make the switch to an all organic lifestyle...this is a start!

I can't speak for all of these products but I CAN say that the Tarte Cheek Stain and Korres Shower Gel in Guava are among my all time faves.  I am excited to try out the rest!

What will you be doing for Earth Day??


Rainy Day Wear & Wedding Bands!

So as soon as I get it together I will start posting proper OOTD pictures but for today (& with that Seattle rain) I thought it would be fun to put together an outfit & use my lovely chalkboard.

Here is my rainy day style go to:

I love everything about this outfit.  You better believe I rock sunglasses all.the.time regardless of if it's raining or not!

similar here 

I've also been into more simplistic accessories lately.  If you know me than you know my love of big statement costume jewelry (especially rings!).  I'm not sure if it had something to do with turning 28 but I'm really feeling the simple understated stuff.  I love mixing metals but especially LOVE rose gold.  I cannot WAIT to get my wedding band.  It will look something like this:

Gorgeous isn't it?? My engagement ring is a pear shaped diamond in white gold and I absolutely love it.  I think the two metals together will be so classic and so me....I literally cannot wait to go pick them up!

What is your go to rainy day outfit or your wedding band pick??


Train Like A Beast, Look Like A Beauty

Ok, so obviously a bride-to-be has to get her shit together & firm up before her big day.  I would say that I'm a fairly healthy person & more active than your average joe.  I think that a major key to dropping weight and getting in shape is carefully watching what you put into your mouth and getting daily exercise.

I am a HUGE fan of switching it up.  Again, this in no way means I'm an expert but this is what works for me...& I hope that it will work for some of you (bride or no bride).

A typical day for me involves some type of cardio.  I LOVE to run & I have a very active dog so that makes it easy to get my butt off the couch, grab my ipod and hit the pavement.  I don't run for speed, more for distance.  I am in love with the Nike app, Run I think it's called?  It keeps track of the distance you run.  There is something about that voice that says, "4 miles, your time is..." that totally pumps me up!!

Of course no workout could be complete without cute workout gear.  Ladies (and gents) I don't think you have to spend an arm and a leg to look stylish here but I do think that it is an important motivator, if you look awesome you will want to rock that workout even HARDER!!

Below are a few of my workout obsessions & must haves:

Sports Bra; Capri leggings; Tank; Nike Kicks
Just looking at this makes me want to go shopping!! Ok, ok, I'm getting off track.

Besides running I enjoy playing soccer in a co-ed league once a week with my fiance.  Even at 28 I love getting out there & meeting new people playing a sport I really enjoy.  So if you guys have an interest in a sport, go out & look up where you can play.  I promise it's a great workout & something to switch up your regular routine.

Another thing that I SWEAR by (and found on pinterest....shocker I know!) is called POP Pilates.  Casey Ho is a Pilates and Fitness instructor & has a channel on Youtube.  Below is one of my fave ass exercises, I swear it will have people thinking you are Pippa Middleton in no time!

I usually run 3 miles and then come home, stretch, & do two or three of her youtube videos.  They are awesome!

One last obession is spinning!  My amazing mother-in-law dragged me to a class when we were living in Los Angeles called Soul Cycle.  I immediately fell in love with spinning.  Imagine a room filled with bikes, a buff instructor & club music that you can sweat it out to!  When I moved to Seattle I was so sad to leave this behind but then I discovered Fly Wheel, basically the same concept only different company.  Both are ridic, you MUST.TRY.

Lastly, if you are a morning workout gal like I am it is VERY important to eat a decent breakfast.  At least get a banana and some water in you before you start.  Every day my breakfast is the same & every day it is just as delicious as the day before.

Steel Cut Oats mixed with Chia Seeds and a pinch of Brown Sugar.  Top that with organic strawberries and a nice hot cut of green tea...YUMM-Y.

There you have it people!  My Bridechilla plan to looking like a million bucks on my wedding day.

Follow me & let me know what fitness and diet routine you follow!!


Confessions Of A Product Junkie

So I admit it...I am a complete product junkie (so sue me)!!  With my upcoming wedding I am even more aware of how much my skin has to SPARKLE on that big day!  Over the years I've gotten a lot of questions from family & friends about what products I use & what works best for my complexion.

Let me preface this by saying that I am NO EXPERT but I do have more instances than not where I am complimented on my skin.  For me, perfect skin is something I have had to work at.  I am not one of those blessed individuals with kick ass skin that has never had to wash their face or take off their  mascara (sigh).

Anywho, for those of you, like me, who struggle in this area have no fear!  Below is my full proof plan for a flawless complexion.

**Disclaimer: great skin takes a little bit of work (and drinking copious amounts of WATER!) More than a routine think of it as a reward at the end of a hard day.  Take your time, make some tea, put on some music & get to that nightly ritual!**

This is how a junkie stores her products...don't judge.  I am most obsessed with the acrylic case it is amazing & allows me to keep everything out where I can see it.

Our bathroom is definitely a work in progress but whatevs one thing at a time.

Glass Canister; Acrylic 5 Drawer Case

After reading Jessica Alba's book The Honest Life, I've become acutely aware that I need to eventually switch to Organic products but I don't beat myself up about it!  One thing at a time ;)

Ok, Ok, now onto my list of MUST HAVE PRODUCTS:

& there you have it people!!  You can bet your ass I'll be using these products for my wedding day and feeling like a million bucks.  Stayed tuned at some point for part 2: Confessions of a Makeup Junkie....I know, I have issues.

Follow me, comment and let me know how these products work for you!


Planning a Wedding like the Boss I am!

Together 5 years, engaged for 3 months, married in 6 months!?  What a whirlwind!  As with most newly engaged women (after the initial shock wore off...I kid, I kid) I got my shit together and started planning the most kick ass wedding Rochester, NY will ever see!

Part of my planning process has included many hours 'pinning' away, narrowing down a color scheme & planning out every single DIY detail I can muster!

Below is what I like to call a brideCHILLA's inspriation to the perfect blush, gray, purple & ivory wedding!! 

You can find all the images and more (with direct links) on my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/caliact/wedding-ideas/

 Will there be a Chalkboard program....umm of course!  Do I want those ridiculously overpriced bridal UGGS that say "Just Married" on the back....uhh duh! & that oh so practical hanger that reads, "you look good in that" yes, yes, and YES!! 

Luckily my super supportive family has indulged me and is helping bring all of my ideas to light.  For starters, our Save The Date.  I know I know, the majority of brides these days mail a Save The Date but for me....I chose the electronic route!  

I think that this detail is something very much your choice, & that there is no right or wrong way to go about this.  Don't get me wrong here, it took FOREVER to collect every address & email & also to make sure they were accurate!  Those emails that ended with 'aol' and something else unrecognizable could be guaranteed never to see my amazing Save The Date vision.  To combat this I guilted my amazing sister in contacting those guests to make sure we had the correct info...phew!

Thank goodness for my step sister Amelia (AKA Davis...long story...don't ask).  Up & coming graphic designer that she is made our Save The Dates for.FREE. Amazing I know.  For those of you who have seen this, I'm not spoiling anything so here it is:

I told you, kick ass, right!?  

This blog is meant to be a smattering of fashion, random wedding gossip, and life in general. 

Don't be afraid to comment and share your own stories and opinions, I would love to hear them!!


**Thank you so much to Ashley at DinosaurStew for my awesome blog look, check out her work, she is amazing and very accomodating!**