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Christmasing 2016!

both kids pjs fro Gap Kids

I spy Lukie man!

Less than a week until Christmas, I can hardly contain the excitement!  Christmas with kiddos is like the best, am I right!?  This year, we will be celebrating from home here in Seattle which is both good and bad.  While we miss our families, traveling with a two year old and almost 3 month old is pretty much out of the question.   So, here we are trying to make the holiday the most magical it can be.

We have been busy all month long trying to pack in as much festive activities as possible.  The highlight for me has got to be visiting Santa every year.  Jordan was super excited to see him and of course after we wait in the never ending line (behind some 50 year old ladies that kept on taking selfie's with Santa..) she gets up there and freaks!!  So, the mature person I am instead of grabbing her  I of course start taking pictures of the whole thing going down.  I mean, one day she will laugh at these pictures, right!?  After the Santa fiasco we tried to salvage the night with dinner out downtown and the entire time I hear her saying "mama, I run away from Santa." (yes honey, you did ;)  At least she was able to tell him she wanted a baby doll for Christmas and for that I guess we are most definitely on the hook for getting her one.

And what is on my wishlist this year???  SLEEP!!  Good lord I've forgotten how hard it is having a newborn who doesn't sleep!!  Hoping for a Christmas miracle here....I'll keep you all posted.

For now I'll leave you with a few things that my hubby and the kiddos can expect under the tree:

The NES Classic-for the ultimate nostalgia
Tee Pee- this will be Jordan's big gift
Put me in the story (Sofia the 1st edition)-Jordan will freak over this book!
Play mat-for the little man who loves to kick

5 more sleeps until Christmas!!!! xoxo

Maternity pics and our trip to New York

We just came home from a two week trip to my hometown of Rochester, NY and what a whirlwind it was!  It's always nice that my schedule allows me extended time off in the summers to do things like visit my family for a whole two weeks without giving up all of my vacation time.  I'll write a whole separate post about our time there because we kept insanely busy and had so much fun!

While we were there my best friend who is the most amazing photographer, agreed to take some family pictures for my mama of all her girls and we were able to sneak in a few maternity pictures as well!!  By the way I was obsessed with this dress! It is non maternity from ASOS but fits easily over a pregnant belly as long as you are not due to give birth any day.

 Jordan's dress //My dress

Her smile! Never mind that we were terrified of the ticks or sweating our asses off in the hot sun.

Best pucker lips around!

Super blessed to have these pictures and I find it hilarious (still) that I'm having a boy and adding him to this mix!!  Life will surely be an adventure with two, and I'll surely be running on copious amounts of coffee.  I'm almost 34 weeks now and desperately trying to finish the nursery and feel as prepared as I was with Jordan but I'm confident it will all come together.  

Again thank you so much to Heather Ekstrom Photography for taking these amazing pictures.  
xoxo Jaimee Lynne  

A nursery update for baby BOY!!

So we found out around 15 weeks (which was later confirmed at 20) that baby #2 is definitely a BOY!!  I think my jaw dropped to the floor since I was almost positive we had another girl in there.  Anyway, after the initial shock wore off I was soooo excited to start planning his little nursery.  

The hubs and I compromised on this space (I was thinking more nature/adventure and he more sports...) and came up with a space/galaxy themed nursery.  While I love a good themed nursery, we also need a space with some pieces that can grow with him.  I came up with this mood board:

Rocker//planet mobile//Crib//Rocket Rattle//Striped swaddle & crib sheet//Astronaut & Constellation prints//Star Pillow//Light Fixture//Floor Lamp

We are officially 8ish weeks away from D-Day and we only have half of this stuff purchased.  The main point of this mood board was to gather all my ideas into one place but the end result I'm expecting will evolve as we complete the project.  On our to-do list still??

Finish painting 
Install trim (we just moved into this house over a year ago and the 90's vibe with the small trim just isn't my thang)
Switch around furniture between the nursery and Jordan's room

It can get a bit overwhelming especially with an active toddler and working more or less full-time but I'm confident I'll whip my ass into gear and get things moving!  After all, they say second babies usually come a little early....right!? 

I'll keep you all updated on progress!

Jaimee Lynne

Jordan Eloise turns TWO!

It's been a while! 3 years and (almost) 2 kiddos later and we're back!  Let's start off with recent happenings...little Jordan Eloise is now TWO!! How, how, HOW did this happen so quickly!?  We decided to throw a Unicorn theme bash and keep things pretty low key.  We live away from our families so it was important to me to make this birthday a little extra special.  

It started with a morning wakeup call and balloons in the hallway, which were the biggest hit ever.

Her actual birthday was Tuesday the 2nd but we celebrated with friends on the 6th.  

I re-created a balloon garland (tutorial here:Balloon garland) after many failed attempts at fishing line and using a hot glue gun.  Since balloons are kinda her thing it was a big hit and worth the man hours that went into making it!

I threw in some 'unicorn bark' and horned cupcakes and called it a day.  The super overachiever side of me thought I maybe..MAYBE..could pull off a small cake but hell to the no.  We made a mad dash that morning to Safeway and bought some cake layers and buttercream frosting at the bakery (yea, they sell that kinda stuff), slapped some sprinkles on and called it a day!
/chair/ /pillow/

Such a big girl, romper//unicorn garland

My sister purchased her a bounce house after I mentioned it would be nice to get her a gift that she could be 'active' with....not thinking I would be opening a baby paradise...but to see her face and know that I will most likely be able to set it up in our formal living room once the rainy season starts...#worthit.  

Jordan Eloise you are pretty much my favorite person and I've so enjoyed watching you grow.  Love you all the way boom chicks!

xo Jaimee Lynne