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Christmas 2017 Recap

Christmas is over!! Why does it always go by SO fast.  This year was the most magical that I can remember.  We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!  This is so so rare for Seattle (in fact it's only the 3rd white Christmas in the last 100 years!!!--what are the odds!?)

Holiday Home Tour 2017

The weather is about to turn cold here in Seattle, the kids are getting out of school/daycare soon and excitement for the holiday season is in the air!  Here's a peak inside our Holiday decor this year:

A little thing I like to call, being adventurous with kids

We decided to take a day trip the Leavenworth, WA on Saturday---sort of a spur of the moment decision but something I've been wanting to do for a while!  It's a sweet little Bavarian town tucked away in the Cascade mountains.  The 2 1/2 hour car ride was JUST bearable enough to make it worth it!  We packed our sleds and snow gear JUST in case there was enough snow to go sledding--we ended up with cold weather but not much snow!

Sometimes I feel like as a parent, some things are worth doing and some things are more work than they are worth!  I'd like to raise my kids to be somewhat adaptable though so despite the fact that we forgot the stroller (doh!) we made the best of our Christmas adventure.

The town was SO cute.  It was super busy but all decked out for the holidays.  They had carolers singing, a live band playing Christmas hits, yummy German food, Rudolph, the Grinch (which Jordan thought was cool until he came up and tried to high five her---wish I got that one on camera) & Elf to boot!

Her first hot cocoa was a major win

We had a bunch of fun things planned (like a sleigh ride) but the lack of real snow made us come up with a new plan!  All in all it was just fun walking around the town and doing something out of the norm.  The highlight was trying to get Jordan to use the bathroom in a porter potty---she FREAKED out once she saw all of the grossness that goes along with, well, porter potty's...haha.  We also missed the big town lighting ceremony but when you have kids in the cold, you have to just wing it! (better luck next year).

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week prepping for the best day of the year!!

Jaimee Lynne

Christmas Traditions Around the World

So this Christmas season, I thought I would do something different with Jordan and Luke.  As Christmas grows closer, it has me fiercely missing my grandparents and memories are coming back of how they liked to celebrate this most festive season!

Disney World Part Two

Annnnd we're back! We stayed a legit week at Disney so I felt that it needed a two part post.  Even with the temperatures being in the 80's it was still the most magical time.  The second half of the week we made our way into the Hollywood Studios park as well as Epcot.  Jordan was so amped to see the new Frozen show and it did NOT disappoint.  She requested to wear the new Elsa dress we got her as an early Christmas present for the show--she looked so sweet.  Luke literally feel asleep during the show but I considered it a win win for all.  Epcot was less of a crowd pleaser for the kids so my sister took Jordan back to swim and play at the hotel while little Lucas stayed (slept) while we proceeded to eat and drink our way though the park (the stuff dreams are made of).

Meltdown mode...haha

The last two days we went to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom again.  You literally have to spend a few days at these parks because there is so much to see and enjoy!  Jordan found her way as part of the Lion King show, girl has NO fear when it comes to performing (uh oh), she also thoroughly enjoyed playing Chip in the Beauty and the Beast show.  We even snuck in a visit with Santa!  Like I said, magical.  In Animal Kingdom the new Pandora land was so cool!  The new ride they have (the Flight of Passage) was unreal---by far the best ride I've ever been on, highly recommend getting the fast pass for this one, the line was at least a mile long. 

All in all we ate too much delicious food, stayed up waaay past our adult bedtimes and just enjoyed the HELL out of being with one another.  When you live so far away from family, it's these memories that really stick.  So grateful for my mom and her love of adventures and bringing her family along!

Jaimee Lynne

Disney World Part One

Phew!  We jut got home from a week in Orlando, FL visiting Disney World!  It was exhausting but SO.MUCH.FUN!!  We stayed at the Old Key West Resort in a two bedroom villa which was really nice.  Transportation to and from the park was super easy and it was nice to have added space for the kiddos to come back to take naps.

I was worried about their ages (3 1/2 and 14 months) but it worked out nicely!  We went with my mom and step dad, my sister, and my two nieces.  With so many hands to help we were able to do quite a few "adult" rides with the kids along with fast passes and baby swap.  Thank goodness for my mom's excellent planning skills because the fast passes literally saved us!  The first few days we went to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  The new addition of Pandora in Animal Kingdom was unreal.  We had some much fun eating our way through the parks as well.  The Dole Whip was high on the priority list and it did NOT disappoint.