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Winter Essentials for your Little Girlfriend

Since winter temperatures are setting in (and setting in hard, especially on the East coast), I've been thinking of how to bundle my little girlfriend (and little boyfriend-more on that tomorrow).  Since Jordan attends Montessori, they spend a lot of time outside and she needs to wear warm clothes most days.  The only thing really left off this list is gloves!  She has these North Face mittens but she really doesn't like them and they don't allow her to move her fingers---if anyone can find gloves that actually fit a toddler, comment below!!

Since we are still trying to recover from the holiday craziness, we will probably be sticking home for the next month or so.  I'm really trying to find some fun things we can do at home.  Jordan loves to help me in the kitchen and has a ridiculous sweet tooth.  We are planning to try these out, although I'm trying to hit the breaks on the "special treats" train, we really do love baking together so maybe we can make some and give them to the neighbors??  I'm also looking to redo some of Jordan's room and incorporate a reading nook.  Her room is SUPER small and right now we have an open closet concept but I've been eyeing this Article chair forevs and I may just have to pull the trigger....more on that soon!!

(just click on the numbers below the picture to access direct links!)

Hope you are all staying warm!  Who is going sledding this weekend!?


Jaimee Lynne  


  1. Hi there,
    Your blog is so cute! Do you know who makes the cardigan you listed as #4 or where you can buy?
    Happy new year to you and your sweet family.

  2. Thanks girl! Everything is linked but it’s from Childhoods Clothing!

  3. Oh! Couldn't find the link!! Thank you!!