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Playing in fields of Tulips and Daffodils

How amazing are these fields!?  It's been on my list for a while to visit the tulip fields in Mount Vernon, Wa and they did NOT disappoint.  It has been so rainy here for the past month, we were luckily blessed with a gorgeous day to enjoy!  Although it was a bit muddy, the kids got to run around and grandma and grandpa were in town as well which is always such a nice treat for myself and the kids.  I'm always interested in seeking out activities that are adventurous.  Yes, it can be difficult schlepping two kids over an hour away but the memories are ALWAYS worth it!

Easter 2018

How funny is the fact that Easter was on April Fools Day??  My husband legit started my day off by alleging there was a bear across the street (which is totally plausible since we live in the green belt) but...after rushing downstairs and seeing the smile on his face, I determined that there was no such bear (cue gullible me).