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a laundry room update

It's been a while since I've updated you on the laundry room progress!!  It's always slow going around here with home reno stuff, with babies and life and money, sometimes you just have to take things in stages!!  Over the holidays we put up the IKEA cabinets! Not sure that they will stay there as the room is quite narrow but for now it's super convenient  to reach things!  It sure beats when we moved in and the laundry room looked like this:

A DIY Valentines Body Scrub

It's Monday and I'm home sick ....ugh.  I'm drinking all things green, eating salad and doubling up on Elderberry and lemon in my water.  I thought that I would take some time to put together a little DIY for you today.  Don't you just instantly feel better when you're sick and you take a shower?? I'm totally one of those people.  I feel sort of refreshed and energized and not as gross.

Color coordinating food-kids edition

Happy freaking Friday!!! Instead of my usual Festive Friday posts, I'm talking today about FOOD! More specifically making food fun!  I pack Jordan's lunch every day for school (Luke's is provided at daycare---thankfully).  To tell you the truth, I sort of dread packing lunches.  It's SO hard for me to figure out what to pack, how to balance what she likes with what's good for her yada yada yada.

I know I'm not a food genius here or the first to think of this but Jordan loves when I try and color coordinate her food.  Here's an example of a few lunches I'll do on any given day:

festive friday 4.0

Happy Friday!! Today I'm off and taking care of some much needed cleaning and hang time with my hubby (which is a rarity these days---and so awesome!)  I'll keep this to the point.  I've been lax over the holidays with my Festive Friday posts but we are back!!

How I Organize clothes in the kids bedrooms

Monday Morning! (woof!)  Today I bring you a few ways that are helpful for me of storing clothing and/or my kids accessories.  Organization alleviates a multitude of things for me but the first being, it saves me time trying to search for things!  With both kiddos, I use these clothing bins from IKEA.  Not only are they inexpensive( & come in purple as well), but they fit most drawers nicely.  Folded clothing fits SO nicely into these little babies!  I usually save the top drawer for pajamas, socks, undies/tights and keep a small bin for any random socks that lose their mates (why is it SO hard to keep track of socks!?)

Winter Essentials for your little boyfriend

Happy Friday friends!! Did you all survive the first week back to reality??  I'll keep this short but I'm so relieved that it's the weekend!  We are planning on kicking back and hanging home--the adventures are nice but it's always so nice to just be home with each other.

My mom called and told me that New York is getting wind chill temperatures in the NEGATIVE 20's!  Of course my nieces were all "this is great!"--school is most obviously cancelled.  So, for all you boy mamas, here is my list of winter essentials for the little boyfriend in your life.

(just click on the numbers below the picture to access direct links!)

Happy Weekend & Stay Warm!

Jaimee Lynne

Winter Essentials for your Little Girlfriend

Since winter temperatures are setting in (and setting in hard, especially on the East coast), I've been thinking of how to bundle my little girlfriend (and little boyfriend-more on that tomorrow).  Since Jordan attends Montessori, they spend a lot of time outside and she needs to wear warm clothes most days.  The only thing really left off this list is gloves!  She has these North Face mittens but she really doesn't like them and they don't allow her to move her fingers---if anyone can find gloves that actually fit a toddler, comment below!!