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Christmasing 2016!

both kids pjs fro Gap Kids

I spy Lukie man!

Less than a week until Christmas, I can hardly contain the excitement!  Christmas with kiddos is like the best, am I right!?  This year, we will be celebrating from home here in Seattle which is both good and bad.  While we miss our families, traveling with a two year old and almost 3 month old is pretty much out of the question.   So, here we are trying to make the holiday the most magical it can be.

We have been busy all month long trying to pack in as much festive activities as possible.  The highlight for me has got to be visiting Santa every year.  Jordan was super excited to see him and of course after we wait in the never ending line (behind some 50 year old ladies that kept on taking selfie's with Santa..) she gets up there and freaks!!  So, the mature person I am instead of grabbing her  I of course start taking pictures of the whole thing going down.  I mean, one day she will laugh at these pictures, right!?  After the Santa fiasco we tried to salvage the night with dinner out downtown and the entire time I hear her saying "mama, I run away from Santa." (yes honey, you did ;)  At least she was able to tell him she wanted a baby doll for Christmas and for that I guess we are most definitely on the hook for getting her one.

And what is on my wishlist this year???  SLEEP!!  Good lord I've forgotten how hard it is having a newborn who doesn't sleep!!  Hoping for a Christmas miracle here....I'll keep you all posted.

For now I'll leave you with a few things that my hubby and the kiddos can expect under the tree:

The NES Classic-for the ultimate nostalgia
Tee Pee- this will be Jordan's big gift
Put me in the story (Sofia the 1st edition)-Jordan will freak over this book!
Play mat-for the little man who loves to kick

5 more sleeps until Christmas!!!! xoxo

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