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Trendy Tuesdays

A lot of bloggers I follow and love post certain favorite things they have been eyeing, or inspiration or whatever they have been just loving lately.  For me, it's always nice to buy a few fun things whether that be a new pair of sunnies, a cute shirt for Jordan or a piece of home decor.  Below are a few of my favorite finds!

Happy Shopping!

Love Potion Mug
This mug is PERFECT for a little Valentine's Day Cheer!  

Quay Australia: Vivienne sunnies

In keeping with the 'rose gold' theme, these sunnies are a must.  I love my Quays and also love that they aren't over the top expensive (these retail for $60!!)

Pistol + Arrow Kiss Shirt

I picked this up for Jordan for Valentine's Day and I'm in love with it!  I'm sure she will want to pair it with a 'princess skirt' because you know she's two and princesses are where it's at. 

This pink Le Creuset is on my wishlist and something I'll be saving for.  And finally, this bathroom inspo:

Amidst everything we have going on, including working full time and managing two small kiddos, we are slowly trying to renovate our house one room at a time.  This includes a fair amount of  "sweat equity" and YouTube videos....but more on that later.

Enjoy your tuesday!!!

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