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A nursery update for baby BOY!!

So we found out around 15 weeks (which was later confirmed at 20) that baby #2 is definitely a BOY!!  I think my jaw dropped to the floor since I was almost positive we had another girl in there.  Anyway, after the initial shock wore off I was soooo excited to start planning his little nursery.  

The hubs and I compromised on this space (I was thinking more nature/adventure and he more sports...) and came up with a space/galaxy themed nursery.  While I love a good themed nursery, we also need a space with some pieces that can grow with him.  I came up with this mood board:

Rocker//planet mobile//Crib//Rocket Rattle//Striped swaddle & crib sheet//Astronaut & Constellation prints//Star Pillow//Light Fixture//Floor Lamp

We are officially 8ish weeks away from D-Day and we only have half of this stuff purchased.  The main point of this mood board was to gather all my ideas into one place but the end result I'm expecting will evolve as we complete the project.  On our to-do list still??

Finish painting 
Install trim (we just moved into this house over a year ago and the 90's vibe with the small trim just isn't my thang)
Switch around furniture between the nursery and Jordan's room

It can get a bit overwhelming especially with an active toddler and working more or less full-time but I'm confident I'll whip my ass into gear and get things moving!  After all, they say second babies usually come a little early....right!? 

I'll keep you all updated on progress!

Jaimee Lynne

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