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Jordan Eloise turns TWO!

It's been a while! 3 years and (almost) 2 kiddos later and we're back!  Let's start off with recent happenings...little Jordan Eloise is now TWO!! How, how, HOW did this happen so quickly!?  We decided to throw a Unicorn theme bash and keep things pretty low key.  We live away from our families so it was important to me to make this birthday a little extra special.  

It started with a morning wakeup call and balloons in the hallway, which were the biggest hit ever.

Her actual birthday was Tuesday the 2nd but we celebrated with friends on the 6th.  

I re-created a balloon garland (tutorial here:Balloon garland) after many failed attempts at fishing line and using a hot glue gun.  Since balloons are kinda her thing it was a big hit and worth the man hours that went into making it!

I threw in some 'unicorn bark' and horned cupcakes and called it a day.  The super overachiever side of me thought I maybe..MAYBE..could pull off a small cake but hell to the no.  We made a mad dash that morning to Safeway and bought some cake layers and buttercream frosting at the bakery (yea, they sell that kinda stuff), slapped some sprinkles on and called it a day!
/chair/ /pillow/

Such a big girl, romper//unicorn garland

My sister purchased her a bounce house after I mentioned it would be nice to get her a gift that she could be 'active' with....not thinking I would be opening a baby paradise...but to see her face and know that I will most likely be able to set it up in our formal living room once the rainy season starts...#worthit.  

Jordan Eloise you are pretty much my favorite person and I've so enjoyed watching you grow.  Love you all the way boom chicks!

xo Jaimee Lynne 

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