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Living Room Mood Board

We are in the process of renovating our house....slowly...and mostly by ourselves.  We DID however just hire painters to come in and paint our entire formal living room/dining room area and I am so excited!  Since our home is largely 'open concept' with high walls, this was a very daunting task-to paint the ceilings especially.

Jordan refers to this as 'her room' and I'll admit it mostly looks like 'her room' because we don't really have space for a dedicated play room.  That being said, with the recent paint update, I can finally get going and making this room a little more pulled together.  I bring you the Living Room Mood Board:

We had the entire room painted in Shoji White by Sherwin Williams.  I wanted a white since we live in Seattle and most of the time it's gray.  We swatched a few whites on the walls and landed on this, it's a creamy white full of beige undertones-perfect for making our space feel cozy.  

1.  Sven Couch by Article-this couch is on our 'to buy' list.  In reading the reviews, it looks like an amazing low profile couch that you really can't beat for the price.

2.  We already have this chair (also by Article and found here).  I love the Mid Century feel but it's also a very comfortable chair that everyone enjoys lounging in. 

3.  We just purchased this rug after I saw it on the instagram of one of my favorite home bloggers (www.chrislovesjulia.com).  Her recommendation is enough for me and for the price I hope it's just as amazing in person!!

4.  This lamp caught my eye on a recent trip to Crate and Barrel.  Although it's way over what I would pay for a floor lamp, I love all the brass accents.  I'm determined to find something comparable in our price range.  Any suggestions?

5.  Crate and Barrel again has amazing curtain rods.  We used these for our den area but I was drawn to these brass ones and I'm so excited for them to come in!

6.  Lastly, we can finally put up some artwork!  I LOVE this Cactus from Minted for some reason....it reminds me of Palm Springs (where my in-laws live) and it makes it feel all warm and sunny (even though let's face it....I live in Seattle...)

Lastly, we are looking to build a custom bench and  (possibly) bookshelves for added storage.  I'm crushing HARD on this very idea from houseupdated.com:

Although our windows take up more space, I love the idea of a cozy reading bench, nice brass sconces and more storage.  

So there you have it!  Although with a 2 year old and 4 month old, this project will undoubtedly take us a while to execute...the possibilities have me excited.

Let me know your thoughts!

XO Jaimee Lynne

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