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Easter Ideas & Unicorn Milkshakes

Life has been insane lately, never enough hours in a day to get it all done!  My poor Lukie man, just got over RSV which is a nasty nasty virus.  It had me in 'super mom' mode over here, making sure I was doing everything I could to make him more comfortable all while getting zero sleep.  That being said, this week is the first in many that I've been able to look forward to healthy and (hopefully) sunnier days!

For Easter this year, we plan on flying back to New York to be with my family.  The hubby and I are sneaking away for a few days to the Bahamas and I cannot WAIT!!  We made a promise to ourselves to make more time for travel--with and without our kiddos.  I'm planning on putting together a post on traveling with little ones (especially plane travel).  I thought I would share a few ideas I'm putting together for both of their baskets this year.  It will be Luke's first Easter and now that Jordan is two, she's able to understand more of what's going on...I can't wait, bring on all the Cadbury Eggs!!

1-I always remember growing up wearing a pair of Jellies.  I'm so glad they are making a comeback! You can find them here
2-I'm sure Luke will enjoy slobbering all over this adorable bunny
3-Who remembers Lisa Frank!!?  Jordan LOVES stickers and so I'm planning on scooping these up for a fun activity
4-Jordan loves her security blankets from Little Unicorn so I'm hoping Luke will too!
5-Wubanubs are a staple in our home and this adorable bunny needs to be added to the collection
6-I picked these up a while ago for Jordan who loves to do sidewalk chalk with the neighbor girls in the summer

Jord has also been rocking these pajamas.

One thing to leave you all with before I head into my weekend.  Last week I was looking for a fun cooking activity to do with J and came across this recipe for Unicorn Milkshakes.  Let me tell you, this was so fun to make!  We used the following ingredients for the toppings:

Whipped Cream
Unicorn Bark (candy melts in purple, pink, and blue) melted and added in a fun mix of sprinkles
Pop rocks
Cotton Candy
Rock Candy
Sprinkles on top

Milkshake Ingredients:
Ice cream
Fresh Strawberries

To be honest we definitely helped her eat this-and in retrospect that's possibly the reason she later threw up but....I digress...

Happy (Almost) Weekend!


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