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How to Keep a Toddler busy

This post is geared for all you mama's out there who are looking for everything and anything to keep your toddler busy throughout the day.  I've comprised a short list of games and activities that work wonders for me when I'm pulling double duty looking after a now three year old and an almost 11 month old.  

This is an amazing game for toddlers.  Once your child knows his/her colors this is a game that should entertain them at least for you to finish your coffee!  Jordan plays this by hiding all the colored mouse ears around the house.  When she's finished, she flips over each card in the deck until she gets to a mouse.  If the mouse is pink (let's say) she's off to find that color.  

2.  Playing I SPY.  This literally never gets old in our house and always starts off with "I spy with my teeny little eyes..." hahaha, I love finding the things that she's looking for.  This especially works during long trips to daycare in the mornings.

3.  Arts and Crafts.  I'm big on coloring and painting with Jordan.  It amazed me the other day when I asked her to draw a person, she was actually able to do it!  We practice making letters and usually break out the stickers when the mood strikes. 

4.  Using those little "window gel clings".  This idea is ESPECIALLY useful on plane rides!  You can find these in the dollar bins at Target and they literally entertain my kid for at least 30 minutes and if they are destroyed it's not the biggest deal.

5.  Making necklaces.  Not only does this help with fine motor skills but Jordan LOVES stringing the beads on and wearing her creation after she's done.  We are fond of this Melissa & Doug Bead set.  

6.  Baking.  We bust this out most times when Lukie is sleeping.  I would love to make cupcakes all day but most times we end up making these delicious (kid-approved) muffins by Kristin over at the TRIBE Magazine.  

7.  Friday movie nights.  We don't always do this but when we do it's a BIG hit.  Most times Jordan prefers to watch a show or two and then play but movie night is always special.  We pop some popcorn and indulge in some chocolate (she is totally MY kid ;) and pick a movie on our 'much watch' list.  This is also popular since Luke is so young and is in bed by this time.  It feels special to her that she gets to be up having fun with just mom and dad.

Disclaimer:  Most days it's a total shit show at my house and I'm usually coming home from a long and tiring day of work. These ideas are what I reach for when I need some peace or when I need some bonding time with my babe.  What are your go to ideas!?

Jaimee Lynne

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