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Essential Oils 101 and Why we love them

Hi Friends!!

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Soo.....we have been using oils in our house now for a solid year (in one form or another) and I feel like I can finally share about how AWESOME they are.  For the most part we try to live a pretty healthy lifestyle.  With that being said, I still give my kids crap and we indulge in 'not so great for you' things but overall I try to be really aware of the things that I make a part of our every life.

Enter oils.

My kiddos have always been decent sleepers.  I was (and am) a firm believer in routines and for the most part we do NOT mess with them.  When my daughter was around 3 1/2 we hit a total unexpected sleep issue.  She was super hard to put down and thought it was hilarious to just get up out of her room and race down the hallway (in addition to waking up several times a night).  I was a tired mama with a 1 and 3 year old and I was looking for answers.  My cousin told me about Young Living oils, as an all natural way of aiding in sleep support.  I thought that at this point I would try just about anything so we bought a few things and a cute diffuser and gave it a try!  Not sure if it was the magical thing I was looking for but when I look back, oils (in conjunction with all our other routines) are what helped most at night.  Young Living has this calming sleepyize scent for kids that is just so good.  Not to mention it helped a ton in my son's room that still houses a diaper genie and ya know...diapers ;)

As we've become more adept at using our oils I love finding different ways to support our systems rather then turning to medicine or topical things that have horrible ingredients.  Although I love the look of candles, we rarely light them anymore.  My FAVORITE scent in the diffuser is Peace and Calming coupled with Orange!!  I'm one of those people that likes to walk into a house and be met with an inviting smell.  I also love that the kids are invested.  We make rollers for bravery, nervousness, health and immunity boosting, you name it!

Another reason when making the switch to a cleaner lifestyle is the added benefit of buying everything in ONE place.  I was SO sick of going to target, whole foods, trader joes, etc.  It did NOT work with my lifestyle.  I just quickly edit my essential rewards cart once a month and stock up on must haves like:

-Laundry Soap
-Makeup remover wipes

The sky is the limit.  I can do without a few Starbucks trips and clothes if it means I'm able to switch out our not so great products with things I can feel good about.

As with all things we are learning as we go and aren't changing our entire life in one day.  Change happens gradually.  If any of you are interested in making the same changes I would LOVE for you to join our oil team, grab your starter kit and opt into Essential Rewards so I can plug you in to all the resources.  I promise it will be the best thing you ever do (pinky swear).

Drop me a line on my instagram (@jaimrichards) to see how to sign up or follow this link to grab your starter kit so we can rock this wellness journey together!  I will be sharing a TON over on my instragram and occasionally you'll see some useful stuff here on the blog so stay tuned....!

p.s. the FIRST person who signs up with me (and opts into Essential Rewards) after seeing this post, I'll ship a free diffuser too! DM me when you're done!

Jaimee Lynne

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