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Easter 2018

How funny is the fact that Easter was on April Fools Day??  My husband legit started my day off by alleging there was a bear across the street (which is totally plausible since we live in the green belt) but...after rushing downstairs and seeing the smile on his face, I determined that there was no such bear (cue gullible me).

Jordan's Pajamas

Jordan's Clip .// Jordan's dress // My dress // Luke's shoes
Any who....on to Easter!  What a fun weekend we had.  The festivities kicked off on Friday night where our neighborhood hosted a 'night' Easter egg hunt that was a BYOFL (bring your own flashlight) kinda thing.  Lukie man was a little too young this year but Jordan had a BLAST!  The kids were all dressed in their festive jammies and I loved hearing all the laughing little voices as I sat in the house.  That night I also tried to explain to Jordan the real reason we celebrate the season, and I'm completely certain I seriously confused the hell out of her--anyone have any good book recommendations about the meaning of Easter for littles??

We were also blessed with some amazing weather!  It's for sure a toss up in the PNW, will it rain or not??  Of course, I acknowledge that we were super lucky compared to let's say Kansas City (where the bestie lives--they got snow!).  It was actually the most gorgeous day on Saturday.  We headed up to a farm, if you're local you should totally check it out.  There was a ton of stuff to do, we got to pet all the baby animals (by far my favorite), bounce it out in the bounce house, jump into corn kernels, go on an egg hunt and just enjoy the beautiful day.  After the farm, we ended up going home and dyeing the rest of our eggs.  Isn't is always kind of a shit show with little ones and dyeing Easter eggs??  I've given up on trying to keep things clean--just strip down the kids and let them dye whatever way they want!

Sunday morning we got up bright and early.  The kids weren't as stoked to hunt for eggs as I thought they would be (maybe that's due to the fact that it was their third hunt??) but we were able to make a festive breakfast while daddy got some extra zzzz's and then all went outside for a slightly wet Easter egg hunt.  I hid their baskets inside and they were both super excited about finding them with all the goodies inside.  Jordan mostly got play-doh, books, and this cute little unicorn fingerling anyone ever heard of them?? Luke got a set of keys, little gel window clings and these shoes.

We ended the night at a friends house having an early dinner and entirely too much fun.  I just LOVE holidays with my family.  Even though our extended families live far away and Easter isn't usually the height of 'visiting' time, we still manage to pull off an incredibly memorable time.

Hope you all had similar celebrations!

Jaimee Lynne

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