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Leavenworth, WA & Friday Favorites!

Ok, so I guess I'm just a casual blogger lately?  That's ok, I was busy enjoying my kiddos during my summer off!  Now that school has started up again, I'm back in action.  Last weekend we took a trip up to Leavenworth, WA.  You probably remember my post from Christmas when we last visited there.  Well....I wanted to see the town when it wasn't totally freezing out!

We looked up a few orchards to pick fresh fruit and the kids had such a blast!  Both of them ate their way through the field.  We picked some Asian pears, grapes, and peaches!!  After we headed into town.  It was surprisingly super busy but we were able to hit some cool spots including the gingerbread house and ended our night with brats and beer (for us, not the kids ;)  Overall it was a great time.  Yes, it was an over 2 hour car ride, but trips like that are always memorable for us.  Even though we are homebodies, I'll take an adventure with my little family any day.

Finally, a few Friday finds that I've linked for you and have been LOVING lately.  Who am I kidding, I am already buying Halloween pajamas and dreaming of cozy nights by our fire.  I'm seriously considering getting a heating lamp for our porch so that we can soak up all the rain free nights we can!

**I ordered these pajamas weeks ago for the kids (and just scooped up two more sets for my nephews!) We love Burts Bees baby!  I also got this pair for Jordan that should be arriving any day!

I've been eyeing a few things for myself and finally pulled the trigger on this sherpa coat and these Adidas sneaks.  I already have the pink pair and they are sooo comfy and go with most outfits so I'm excited to get the black pair.

I saw this candle and it made me miss New York instantly.  What a cool idea--definitely for your friends that live far from home!

The kids needed new sneakers for school and I got these for Jordan & these pair (in army green) for Luke.  So far, we are loving them.  I've been seeing SO much cute kid stuff lately.  I grabbed this jacket for Luke man.  And I also love these rainbow tees too!

Finally our book picks!  Luke's birthday is coming up and I've gotten a few books I know he will LOVE! This, this, and this for the little man who loves dinosaurs and super heroes!  And no Amazon trip is complete without a new Halloween book.  Jordan picked this one and we can't wait to read it!

Happy to be back to the blogging world again!  Follow along & add me on instagram (@jaimrichards) & of course the blog for more day to day shenanigans and Fall fun.

P.S.  Who is excited for This Is Us to premiere!!?

Jaimee Lynne

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