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How how HOW is it already mid November!?  It seems like all I have to do is blink and Christmas will be here!  We have been super excited for the upcoming holidays (like always).  Whatever your views on early decorating are-we love it!  It's still a super special thing to cut down our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend and we wait for MOST of the decorating until then, but I couldn't resist throwing up our stockings on the mantle this year in an attempt to get all snuggly with blankets by the fire.  I'm sure people think my house is super confused, pumkins here, stockings there but really...we will be flying solo this Christmas season and I'd love for the family we have coming in for Thanksgiving to see some of our festive Christmas decor!

While dad watched some football on Sunday, I took the kiddos out for some holiday window shopping and hot chocolate (what could be better?).  The older Luke gets, the easier I'm finding it to do fun things with them.  We've had cold temps here in Seattle but it's been RAIN FREE and so we have been taking full advantage of a lot of park time until it's too dark to see and we are forced to come inside.

On another note, we have been SO devestated by the Malibu fires.  My husband grew up in Malibu and to say that we are shocked and so sad for our friends and family is an understatment.  Please consider donating supplies (or your time if local) to help out these displaced families.  This tragedy really highlights the theme of the holiday season--family is everything.

I hope you all are enjoying the last full week until Thansksiving, turkey, and the Macy's Day Parade!

Jaimee Lynne

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