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Our Favorite Christmas Books

It's that time of year!! It's a given that I get excited for all things Christmas but I really love pulling out all the Christmas books this time of year.  We normally store holiday specific books so that they feel brand new each year.  On top of that, we try and add at least 2-3 new books to our collection.  My favorite memory when I was little was of my mom reading holiday books to us before bed-books are something I never feel bad about spending money on and I'm always looking for new and different books.  Besides the obvious ones about santa, the elves, and reindeer, I like to have a few books that talk about Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas.  This answers all the questions about why we truly celebrate the holiday.  So, without delay, here is our Christmas Book Edit!!!
(Click the numbers and it will take you directly to the links for each book)

One-Fancy Nancy is one of our FAVORITE book series to read and now favorite show to watch (thank you Disney Junior).

Two-We love the "how to catch" series.  The Easter version has got to be one of Lukie's favorite books.  This will be a 'new to us' book and I can't wait to read it!

Three-I picked up The Reindeer Express when Anthropologie was having their 25% off sale and I have to say, the pictures are what got me!  Plus, this book has lift and see pages which are a favorite in our house.

Four-Olive the Other Reindeer is such a cute book.  This is one we have had since Jordan was a baby.

Five-The Christmas Baby has excellent illustrations and tells the story of the night Jesus was born.  It highlights and easily explains the real reason we celebrate the season.

Six-The Christmas Wish is another 'new to us' book.  It's kind of lenghly so probably not meant for 2 and under but Jordan LOVES longer stories at nights (probably just so she can stay up that much later;)  BUT who minds an extra ten minutes of reading a good Christmas book!?

The only other book I love this time of year is Eloise at Christmastime.  Fun fact-Jordan's middle name is Eloise, we named her after the Eloise books because my husbands family was very close to Kay Thompson (the author).  Kay was acutally the godmother to Jordan's great aunt Liza (Minnelli)!

We usually gift the kids the new books on Thanksgiving, as a way to kick off the season.  I might even have our elf, "minty" bring them by this year!!!  Trying hard not to rush the season (we still have Thanksgiving to contend with--and I'm not about to skip over this holiday!) BUT I'm super excited for all the festivities and fun coming our way!  Be sure and check out our adventures as always on instagram (@jaimrichards).

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