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The Reindeer Farm & Leavenworth at Christmas time

Happy Sunday friends!!  So, we basically had the BEST weekend ever.  Apparently Reindeer Farms are a thing and I was so excited to be able to visit this time of year.   At the start, the kids were allowed to feed the other animals around the farm (chickens, turkeys, bunnies, etc.) which started the tour on a good note in Lukie's book.  The kids also got a visit from Santa himself--since Luke was a little weary this time, Santa more or less photo bombed us but we ended with a total keeper.  I'm not sure the kids were so into the education and background of Reindeer but to me it was fascinating.  After the brief background, the group got to touch a bunch of antlers before we were led into the pen. 

The only sketchy part of the whole thing was their antlers!!  Since they are so friendly and were eating food out of our hands, I had to shield the kids faces so they wouldn't get scraped by a huge horn..but they didn't seem to mind and no worries about biting (they don't have top teeth) or kicking so....all good!

After we left the Reindeer farm we headed into Leavenworth.  This is our FAVORITE town this time of year.  If you haven't seen my previous posts, it's a beautiful little Bavarian town tucked away in the mountains.  They do it up for the holidays, they light up the ENTIRE town, have characters walking around taking pictures, carolers and all the mulled wine and hot chocolate you can handle!  It's basically the stuff of dreams.  This year went better than years past.  We had a plan for the cold and bundled up the kids extra good.  Although we weren't able to stay for the lighting ceremony I'm officially putting it on our Christmas bucket list for next year!

I love maximizing our fun during the season--makes even the winter darkness somehow bearable.  What bucket list things do you all having going this time of year!?

Jaimee Lynne

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