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Christmas 2018 & New Years Recap

Happy Christmas!

Happy New Year!!

Ok, so we took some well deserved time off over break.  For once we didn't have any family in town and at first I thought it would feel a little lonely but let me tell you, it was the best Christmas ever.  We had nowhere we HAD to be and so we got to do exactly what we wanted.  Christmas Eve happened to be sunny (say what!?) and so we took the kids out in their pajamas and walked up to Starbucks.  It was the BEST way to start off the day.  After lunch and naps we headed into the city to get some wiggles out on the playground and also check out the festive ice skating rink (maybe next year) and lights.  We decided that we would take the kids up to the Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas lights display and it was beautiful.  Next we headed back downtown to eat at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants all the while watching people as they did last minute shopping and set up for the parade.

The BEST decision of the night was saving the nightly Christmas parade for the night before Christmas.  It was SO magical!!!  Besides having to hold both the kiddos up on our shoulders and alternating between this and just having one kid on our hips, it was festive and amazing and at the end it SNOWED!! (no real snow but...hey we will take what we can get!)  Lukie was so sweet he kept saying over and over, "it's snowing!!"  After the parade we quickly rushed to our car and high tailed it home!! 

After the kids were all nestled in their beds (see what I did there!?)  We got to work setting out all their gifts--which looked like a ridiculous amount thanks to very caring family that overcompensate when they can't see our kids!

The only snag of the night was that Luke woke up around 11:30 screaming.  He is my sleeper and hardly ever wakes so it was alarming and I was like "nooooo" because I thought for sure Jordan would wake up and Christmas would be ruined!!  Needless to say he settled down and we saved Christmas after all.

After all the excitement of the day, I was truly happy to sit down with the hubs and enjoy a movie, drink some hot chocolate and enjoy our fire! 


Christmas morning was madness--in the best possible way.  Lukie wanted NOTHING to do with opening any gifts after he saw his scooter but we took our time and eventually he came around (ha!)  Jordan was such a sweet girl opening all of her gifts-so grateful and thankful for all her toys and new art supplies. 

The ENTIRE day was reserved for playing with the kids.  Like I said, no family=no obligations or reason to be out of our pajamas.  The day after Christmas we took the kids up sledding and it was fun for them until...it wasn't.  Poor Luke JUST had his tubes fall out of his ears and when we got back into the car, we discovered that his ear had been draining.  So, into the doctors we went the day after Christmas--severe double ear infection for my otherwise super happy guy. 

And just for good measure, a few snaps from New Years where we went bowling with friends and then came home to homemade pizzas and sparklers with our neighbors!

What a whirlwind couple of weeks.  In the New Year I'd like to stick to a few more of my resolutions than I did last year but not punish myself if goals aren't met to the fullest.  My biggest wish/want for this year are healthy parents and healthy babies.  There is nothing that means more to me. 

Hope you had an equally amazing holiday!


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