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We're Moving!!!!

For those of you that follow us on social media, you might of seen me posting (in access) that we are MOVING!!!  When we moved into our current home four years ago, it was never with the intention to stay there long term.  However, property in and around the Seattle area is SO expensive! When we started our search for homes in mid February, it was with a specific area in mind which made the inventory low.  We kept hoping that something amazing would pop up but we realized that we would be putting in a contingent offer that not many sellers would consider-even if we did found our dream home.

One day, my husband casually mentioned a new build neighborhood going up and thought we should take a look based on the lot size and location.  Up until this point I was NOT a fan of new builds.  Mind you, we aren't talking about a custom home where you are picking out everything from floor plans to tile to paint.  These homes were beautiful but offered very little in the way of customized options.  Still, I agreed to go.

Once we got to the site, I think both my husband and I shouted a collective, "ummm hell yes! this will work!"  We put down a down payment and then put our house on the market immediately.  As luck would have it, we sold our home in ONE day (partially furnished) and then felt super as we got past each nerve wracking phase until closing.  We closed on 5/28 with the the option to rent back until the end of July (which works out perfect for the completion date of our new home).

While our new home isn't completely my style (tile, kitchen island, etc.) I know all these things can be changed over time and I'm  so excited to get in there and figure out a plan.  I feel so blessed and so proud of how hard we have worked to be able to give our kids an amazing house to grow up in.  I hope to post house progress and continue to document our lives like a living and breathing journal.  Cheers to the summer people, it's gonna be a good one!

Here are a few pictures I snapped of the exterior/interior.  And yes, I completely sneak in after the workers are gone to check on progress.


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