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Hair Tutorial & Life Lately

Life has been one crazy mother lately!  Luckily we have had some BEAUTIFUL weather this week in Seattle & I have taken full advantage of all the sunshine.  I start back up as a school psychologist in about a week (I know, let the craziness ensue) & Jesse celebrated his 29th Birthday this week.  We did it up good with cake, birthday drinks & a yummy dinner at Elliot's Oyster House.

Waiting for Dad to get home!
On Tuesday we leave for Los Angeles for a little R&R & to see some family so I'm sure between that & drinko de mayo (did I just say that?) There will be plenty for me to post when I get back.

As per your request, I have posted another hair tutorial!  This time it is just a simple rope braid but it is the type of hair style that is seriously no fuss and that you can do in literally 2 minutes (my kind of braid!)  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  In the coming weeks I hope to post a bunch more cute & easy hair tutorials for the summ summ summertime.

Rope Braid Tutorial

 If you want to look at a couple of my previous tutorials go to the link above that says "tutorials' or click here



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