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Planning a Wedding like the Boss I am!

Together 5 years, engaged for 3 months, married in 6 months!?  What a whirlwind!  As with most newly engaged women (after the initial shock wore off...I kid, I kid) I got my shit together and started planning the most kick ass wedding Rochester, NY will ever see!

Part of my planning process has included many hours 'pinning' away, narrowing down a color scheme & planning out every single DIY detail I can muster!

Below is what I like to call a brideCHILLA's inspriation to the perfect blush, gray, purple & ivory wedding!! 

You can find all the images and more (with direct links) on my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/caliact/wedding-ideas/

 Will there be a Chalkboard program....umm of course!  Do I want those ridiculously overpriced bridal UGGS that say "Just Married" on the back....uhh duh! & that oh so practical hanger that reads, "you look good in that" yes, yes, and YES!! 

Luckily my super supportive family has indulged me and is helping bring all of my ideas to light.  For starters, our Save The Date.  I know I know, the majority of brides these days mail a Save The Date but for me....I chose the electronic route!  

I think that this detail is something very much your choice, & that there is no right or wrong way to go about this.  Don't get me wrong here, it took FOREVER to collect every address & email & also to make sure they were accurate!  Those emails that ended with 'aol' and something else unrecognizable could be guaranteed never to see my amazing Save The Date vision.  To combat this I guilted my amazing sister in contacting those guests to make sure we had the correct info...phew!

Thank goodness for my step sister Amelia (AKA Davis...long story...don't ask).  Up & coming graphic designer that she is made our Save The Dates for.FREE. Amazing I know.  For those of you who have seen this, I'm not spoiling anything so here it is:

I told you, kick ass, right!?  

This blog is meant to be a smattering of fashion, random wedding gossip, and life in general. 

Don't be afraid to comment and share your own stories and opinions, I would love to hear them!!


**Thank you so much to Ashley at DinosaurStew for my awesome blog look, check out her work, she is amazing and very accomodating!**

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