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Train Like A Beast, Look Like A Beauty

Ok, so obviously a bride-to-be has to get her shit together & firm up before her big day.  I would say that I'm a fairly healthy person & more active than your average joe.  I think that a major key to dropping weight and getting in shape is carefully watching what you put into your mouth and getting daily exercise.

I am a HUGE fan of switching it up.  Again, this in no way means I'm an expert but this is what works for me...& I hope that it will work for some of you (bride or no bride).

A typical day for me involves some type of cardio.  I LOVE to run & I have a very active dog so that makes it easy to get my butt off the couch, grab my ipod and hit the pavement.  I don't run for speed, more for distance.  I am in love with the Nike app, Run I think it's called?  It keeps track of the distance you run.  There is something about that voice that says, "4 miles, your time is..." that totally pumps me up!!

Of course no workout could be complete without cute workout gear.  Ladies (and gents) I don't think you have to spend an arm and a leg to look stylish here but I do think that it is an important motivator, if you look awesome you will want to rock that workout even HARDER!!

Below are a few of my workout obsessions & must haves:

Sports Bra; Capri leggings; Tank; Nike Kicks
Just looking at this makes me want to go shopping!! Ok, ok, I'm getting off track.

Besides running I enjoy playing soccer in a co-ed league once a week with my fiance.  Even at 28 I love getting out there & meeting new people playing a sport I really enjoy.  So if you guys have an interest in a sport, go out & look up where you can play.  I promise it's a great workout & something to switch up your regular routine.

Another thing that I SWEAR by (and found on pinterest....shocker I know!) is called POP Pilates.  Casey Ho is a Pilates and Fitness instructor & has a channel on Youtube.  Below is one of my fave ass exercises, I swear it will have people thinking you are Pippa Middleton in no time!

I usually run 3 miles and then come home, stretch, & do two or three of her youtube videos.  They are awesome!

One last obession is spinning!  My amazing mother-in-law dragged me to a class when we were living in Los Angeles called Soul Cycle.  I immediately fell in love with spinning.  Imagine a room filled with bikes, a buff instructor & club music that you can sweat it out to!  When I moved to Seattle I was so sad to leave this behind but then I discovered Fly Wheel, basically the same concept only different company.  Both are ridic, you MUST.TRY.

Lastly, if you are a morning workout gal like I am it is VERY important to eat a decent breakfast.  At least get a banana and some water in you before you start.  Every day my breakfast is the same & every day it is just as delicious as the day before.

Steel Cut Oats mixed with Chia Seeds and a pinch of Brown Sugar.  Top that with organic strawberries and a nice hot cut of green tea...YUMM-Y.

There you have it people!  My Bridechilla plan to looking like a million bucks on my wedding day.

Follow me & let me know what fitness and diet routine you follow!!


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