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Wedding Attire 101

Ahhh, such a busy life lately!!  This week I started back as a school psychologist and if you know anything about stepping into a school psych role with a month left of school.....well you know why I'm a week late with posts!

At any rate....back to a wedding state of mind!!  If you, like me, are in your mid to late 20's you know that right around April/May starts the ever busy wedding season!!  Apart from planning my own nuptials, I already have a boat load of weddings to attend this summer!  Don't get me wrong, I'm that sucker who LOVES a good, romantic wedding but this begs the question...what I am supposed to wear to these things!? 

I'm slightly...(ok more than slightly) obsessed with peplum dresses!  One of my childhood best friends gets married in 2 weeks & you best believe I'll try and rock a look like this:

green peplum <3 (purchased last year, urbanoutfitters)

Naturally, I thought I'd do a post that would give the average wedding goer a nice selection of dress options for any type of occasion!

The first dress just to die for!  I'm also obsessed with Scalloped pieces and the fact that it incorporates the peplum style makes it a no brainer.  The orange dress would be an interesting color choice but I'm really feeling the construction of this dress (it also comes in navy & white).  Last but not least, the sequin maxi.  This would be more for your summer/beach wedding but really...if it's hot out you can rock it at will!

The best part of attending weddings is seeing friends & family that you haven't seen in forever.  It's such a treat to spend one amazing night with all the people I love in one room :)  

Everyone has a crazy family picture somewhere...don't they?
I also LOVE getting my dance on.  We've already instructed our DJ that under NO circumstances can he play the 'electric slide', 'YMCA' or the 'macarena'....I'm sorry but that is not happening.

Ok...I think I WAS dancing the electric slide here but that's really another story entirely.  This only happened after a couple of drinks...I totally look like I'm owning the dance floor in my cute wedge shoes that killed me feet by the end of the night ;)

Whatever.  Life goes on.

Which ever way you choose to celebrate weddings this spring/summer...have fun!!  Pick an outfit you feel comfortable and can DANCE in, make a fool of yourself and don't take life too seriously!

I cannot wait until my wedding....5 months and counting!

Jaimee Lynne

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