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Weekend Warrior

Ahh I have been so behind with posts!!  This past week was a little crazy, not feeling well would be an understatement but today I feel like my old self again (thank goodness) & just in time for Memorial Day!!

Life lately has been a smattering of work, wedding stuff & doing the weekend warrior thing ;)  I live for the weekends!  A typical Saturday & Sunday consists of sleeping in (well if I'm lucky maybe sleeping until 8:30), working out, cooking an amazing breakfast for my fam & seeing what the day has in store for us (usually dependent on the rainy Seattle weather!).

But bring on the wedding 'to-do' list!! I have finally decided on my bridesmaid dresses!  We had to mix up the palette a bit but whatevs, I'm a bridechilla afterall & am just rollin with the punches ;) Here is a preview of the dress that my besties will be wearing & will look amazing in:

Two will be in this, two in a gray color that I love just as much!  How excited am I!?  figure out bridesmaid dresses big fat CHECK!!

I won't give away my whole wedding via my blog but I'm just so excited about it all coming together I could burst....5 more months, ahhhhh!!!

So back to my Weekend Warrior/Memorial Day festiveness post.  I'm in constant awe of Washington & how pretty our new surroundings are.  Today we ventured out in the woods & came across this:

Ridic, right!?  Rain or no rain I'll take this over smog filled LA any day!

The look of Love ;) & thank you rain for my beautiful do'

Even our dog, Rocky got in on some of the action!  Here's our rendition of Lion King's Pride Rock #simba #oldschool (Who doesn't love this movie!?  If the answer is no, you can just stop reading here;)

The one snag in our weekend was that we were not supposed to be in Washington at all, but at the wedding of one of my oldest friends...unfortunately, life gets in the way, shit happens but she looked absolutely gorgeous (I knew she would) & it makes me super excited for our special day.

So (deep breath)

2 1/2 weeks left of school, 5 weeks until my bridal shower back home, 6 weeks until our joint bachelor/bachelorette in Vegas and 5 months until the wedding.....what.a.freaking.beautiful.life.I.lead.

Next post.....invitation ideas!! Things to consider and our thought process in creating one kick ass invite!

P.S. for those of you wondering....I've made my decision in the battle of the veil vs. head piece and you'll just have to wait to see what I've chosen!

Jaimee Lynne

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