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The Perfect Invite

It's finally freaking Friday!! Holy hell what a busy week.  Now that I have time to breathe, I'll concentrate on my invites.  Wedding Invites are the first impression you will give your guests, a glimpse of what they can expect on your special day.

As with my save the date, I opted to do something super unique.  Thankfully I have the BEST step sister in the world who just happens to be a budding graphic designer (score!).  So many things go into designing your own invite....who knew!  Paper options, graphics, font, do I want pictures??  It's enough to make your head spin.  

For starters, we began our design process with color scheme.  I'm not going to give away my actual invite ideas quite yet but I CAN tell you where you can score some amazing paper.

Paper & More is full of high quality & affordable card stock, envelopes & specialty paper.  My sis just got back from a stationary show (do those really exist? haha) No but seriously, this girl knows her paper.  We started our invite design process here & haven't looked back....!  Here is a picture of an invite she just recently finished for her best friend, how sweet is that!? Perfect for her special day, I love :)

Your invite should be a reflection of you as a couple.  There are so many great ideas floating out there!  Here are a few I've seen that are oh so cute:

 Or this....

The possibilities are seriously endless.  I don't know about you but whenever I see the word "MRS" it just gets me super pumped for October 25th..... (get here already!)

Whether you chose formal & classy or fun & unique you can't go wrong.  

Our top secret invites will be going out in August & I cannot.freaking.wait.

147 Days & Counting!!

Cheers to the freakin weekend ;)

Jaimee Lynne  

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