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Gearing up for the 4th!?

To say I'm obsessed with all holidays is an understatement....next on my list, July 4th!!  Not only will I be celebrating my bridal shower but I will be HOME in New York with my amazing family who I hardly ever get to see anymore.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Part of creating the perfect holiday is looking the part!  Here is a glimpse of what I'll be rocking on Independence Day:

Wildfox Sweater
Will I basically rock anything with a flag....I have no shame in my holiday game, that's right!  

I'm also super obsessed with this etsy seller: SweetKiddoco.  I purchased some adorable leggings/headwraps for my niece and I have to say....her stuff is just as appropriate for adults!  I'm having such a hard time deciding which one I'll get but I'm LOVING her new vintage inspired 4th wraps:

4th HeadWrap  
See what I mean? Ugh, such a hard decision!

Last but not least is the food....I cannot wait to go berry picking with my nieces.  It's honestly really fun to do and kids learn so much about where their food comes from (i.e. not a grocery store).  I literally cannot wait! 

I plan on having a meal that looks like this on the 4th...yummmmmm ;)

So pop open a bottle of beer (or a flavored girlie drink) and let the countdown to Independence Day begin!

Jaimee Lynne

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