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Weekend Wind Down

Why is it that weekends always go so freaking fast!?  We had one of those amazing weekends, the kind that make you never want to go to work again.  Part of the reason I love living in the pacific northwest is the amazing surroundings.  On a rainy day...forget it I want to high tail it back to LA but on a good day?? A good day can change everything :)

On Saturday we took a 6 mile hike up to Wallace Falls.  The trail is moderately intense, with a couple of steep hills that lead to one ridiculously amazing waterfall.

I can't believe I live in a state where this is just a short car ride away!

With all this wedding planning, sometimes it can be hard to stop and appreciate the every day things like ummm....sunshine and huge (natural) waterfalls.

We have become quite the out-doorsy couple.  Next on the list? white water rafting (again) and camping! I feel that life should be a balance of responsibilities and FUN.  


Overall, Saturday kicked ass.  

Sunday is always a catch up day.  Laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning are always on my to-do list.  

My husband to be is amazing on the grill.

  For dinner we had grilled chicken marinated in a lime/cilantro/olive oil mixture (to die).  Served some green beans on the side with a fresh salsa consisting of: avocado, tomato, red onion, cilantro, garlic powder, cayenne and a dash of salt and pepper.

OMG, to die for.

I love sunny Sundays (oh and peonies...I love peonies)

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend.  Monday you son of a bitch.... you're almost here.

More wedding stuff sooooon....!!

Jaimee Lynne

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