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Halloween Books & Exciting News!

Hi Friends!!

Today's post is all about Halloween books.  For those of you who think it's too early to think about these things...this post isn't for you ;)  For the rest of us holiday lovers, I've compiled a list of must have books for the season.  I'm sure you've seen these floating around on other blogs and the internet and the reason for that is...they are THAT good.  Every year we love to grab a few new books and add them to the collection.  Books are always something I will splurge on.  Of course, we hit up the library too but it's always nice to have a nice stash at home!

Ghosts // The CUTEST book about all kinds of ghosts!  Did you know that there was such a thing as a refrigerator ghost (fyi: it IS a thing).

How to Make Friends with a Ghost //  A new book that we just got in, and i'm SO excited to read it!

Ghost in the House // Perfect for my little man.  He's into 'lift-the-flap' books lately.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn //  This isn't a true Halloween book but it's super appropriate and the illustrations are #goals

Vampirina Ballerina //  Who else has a kid that obsessed with Vampirina on Disney Junior?  Jordan wants to be Vampirina this year for Halloween so I'm SURE this book will be on repeat from now on.

No Such Thing //  We loved this book last year!  Jordan always counted the 'ghosts' on each page.

Goodnight Goon //  This is a classic, and I always like to overemphasize the warewolf and 'boo' part...always a crowd pleaser!

Other honorable mentions (that I wish I could link & do a swipe up for on instagram but I'm not yet at 10k followers...!)

Gilbert the Ghost

The Monster Diaries

Annddd.....the exciting news!  I'm in process of creating a Halloween tee/sweatshirt that I'm hoping I can release in a small batch.  Follow along on my instagram acct (@jaimrichards) for more sneak peeks!

Jaimee Lynne


  1. These books look like a lot of fun! I work at a library and have now put a few of these titles on hold for myself (yes, I'm 32—lol). So thanks for the recommendations. And keep visiting your local library:0)