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Marrying into the Wizard of Oz Family

I've thought a lot about this post, about what I'd write that answers everyone's questions about what it's like to marry into a famous family.  For those new here, my husband's grandmother was the great Judy Garland.  Through the last ten years of being a part of this amazing, crazy, family, I've learned a few things that might interest some of you.

Jordan sitting on GG's lap while she's in makeup and hair before going on stage!

1).  We are the most normal family you could ever hope to find. 
Although my husbands family comes from showbiz, they truly are the most normal bunch of people who happen to know pretty much all of Hollywood (especially 'old' Hollywood).  What is neat for me, is listening to my mother-in-law tell me stories about the old days in Hollywood.  Of how her mother grew up in the studio and what is was like to be the daughter of a legend. Most people aren't privy to those kind of first hand stories--and I feel lucky that I get to hear them and then one day tell my daughter about her family.

2).  My husband and sister-in-law have nothing to do with the family 'business'
Yes, you heard that right.  My husband and SIL lead their own lives with their own paths that have nothing to do with show business and that has allowed them the privacy that wasn't afforded their family.  You might be surprised that music is still running strong in our family through the generations though.  My husband is a wonderful guitar player and has a great ear for music.  My sister-in-law could EASILY be an actress, she's outgoing and sweet and funny.  Yet, she's opted to carve her own successful path and is the best mama to my little nephew. 

3).  Just because you come from a legend's family, does not mean that you come from money.
This is the number one thing I get asked and the number one misconception, they assume my husband's family is hiding boatloads of money somewhere.  Wrong!  As a child actor in the early days of Hollywood, the studio owned you (is what I've been told).  There were no advocates or protectors or negotiators of money back in that day.  Our family has no rights to the movies that made millions, and it's a shame but that's the way it is.  My husband's family is made up of strong, driven people that work very hard for what they have.

4).  My husband's father was also in the business! 
My father-in-law, Jake Hooker was also in the music business.  He was co-writer on a little song called, "I love Rock n' Roll."  You see?  music runs in this families veins and it makes me wonder if my kids or nephew will be the next ones to carry the torch??

5).  My Mother-in-Law, Lorna, is the most accepting and welcoming person you could ever hope to know.
I'm a lucky girl that Lorna (Jesse's mom) is like MY second mama.  Even though I know it drives her bonkers, I call her 'ma', and think of her as just that!  She is a welcoming, warm, strong,  FUNNY, person that I'm so fortunate to know.  She's a spectacular grandmother and an even more amazing singer and storyteller.  Although she is well known in the showbiz world, I am still able to grab lunch with her and shop and do all the things that make us close.

6).  My daughter doesn't think it's strange to see her grandmother perform on stage or see her Great Grandmother on television.
Although I'm sure one day things will 'click' her her, and she (along with my son) will start to understand that it's not a typical occurrence to see your family on t.v. or stage, Jordan thinks it's completely normal and it CRACKS.ME.UP.  How wonderful it is to sit down and watch the Wizard of Oz and be able to tell her that Dorothy is her great grandmother!

So, there you have it.  I'm incredibly proud and brag daily about not only my OWN family but my husband's as well.  We are fortunate to be able to surround our kids with love from both sides.  My children have very amazing and unique grandmothers and grandfathers that give them very different things in terms of experience and I'm grateful for that!

Tell me how your families are unique!?

Jaimee Lynne 


  1. What a special family. You're very fortunate to have found, and be part of, such an unique and loving bunch. I adore Judy Garland. Her talent was something that has yet to be touched (I doubt it ever will). I really like your mother-in-law in "Grease 2" and "Where the Boys Are '84" as well;0} Also, I can relate to Lorna in regard to certain childhood day memories (both wild and intense recollections)... Anyway, people are people. And we all have our crazy stories... Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. I always find it funny that people think that the Garlands, the Lufts or the Richards come from money or still have money. It is mind boggling, everything any generation of your family has had they have worked hard for, but that doesn't always equal assets! I mean, eight shows a day in vaudeville starting at 2 and a half is working hard! You are so awesome and your blog is awesome. I fell in love with Dorothy when I was seven and my mother bought us the 50th Anniversary VHS tape of the Wizard of Oz. When I found out later that year that Jesse was the same age as my little brother (2 years younger than I), that was even more awesome. Thanks for sharing your family life with us. Social media has been a blessing getting to connect with other truly awesome people. You make your family proud, and we are all fortunate that the next generation has your awesome genes going forward to continue to make the previous generations even more proud! I will continue to follow your blog and I look forward to seeing more in 2019! God Bless and keep those awesome beautiful pictures and memories coming!