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The Great Fall Weekend

Happy Friday! 

I'll keep this brief today, we have a busy and fun weekend ahead of us.  Checking off the to-do list on the house with littles always feels nearly impossible but as long as I stick to the list (and don't get distracted cleaning the baseboards or under the beds...) we usually stay on top of it. 

We plan to fit in some birthday parties and some Fall activities as well.  I posted about these in my last Friday favorites post but it's TOTALLY something that you could DIY should you get the inclination like I did yesterday.  Jordan has quite the creative mind and LOVED cutting the pumpkins out.  She even had the brilliant idea of putting them on the 'fridge' of their play kitchen which I absolutely loved (my festive genius). 

We also plan to pick up a few more pumpkins to pepper around the house. Jordan gets most excited for any season when we start to decorate her room and nothing spells out Fall more than pumpkins to me!  The best deals I've been finding have been at our local grocery store to be honest.  Each year we always buy a few 'brooms' as well.  Tonight we have on our Friday movie-night line up, Double, Double Toil and Trouble!  Who else has seen this or remembers it from when they were kids?!  I was told OFTEN as a child how much I resembled the Olsen twins so in turn, I had to become a super fan, right??

Lastly, and this has nothing to do with Fall, we are in the great debate of two vs. three kids.  Pros/cons!?  If we ever had a third it wouldn't be for another year or so but it has me doing some serious thinking about if my family feels complete or not!  I'll (hopefully) be writing a post on this sometime next week. 

So, I hope that wherever you are tonight, that you are able to pop some popcorn, load it with candy corn and snuggle up to your favorite Fall/Halloween movie.  This is the season of dreams people.

Jaimee Lynne

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