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DIY Foam Pumpkin Tutorial

As promised, I'm here today for a short tutorial on how to carve a foam pumpkin.  Not sure about everyone else but we literally wait EVERY year until the day before Halloween to carve our pumpkins so they don't rot.  I know that there are different products you can use to prolong the life of a pumpkin and I'm all for carving and gut scooping but I wanted to have a BUNCH of pumpkins to put out for the entire season!

Michaels right now is having 50% off pretty much all their Halloween decor and products.  I scooped up a bunch of foam pumpkins on the cheap but it's something I would NEVER spend full price on-wait until you see those sales!

There are two methods that I've seen used.  One is carving out your design with a dremel.  If you have one handy, then I suggest going this route.  I was already at Michaels so I purchased a Versa tool-which is typically used for woodburning, soldering, stamping, etc.  You can change out the point to suit your particular project (the tip just unscrews-super easy).

Next, grab your pumpkin stencil.  I got mine from Pinterest but any will do.  Just make sure that your stencil doesn't have very thin lines-this can make it prone to breakage as you are carving out the design-just like a real pumpkin!

I just tape the design on the pumpkin and use one of those puncturing tools (the one they sell with those kits at the store) and poke holes around the design.  After you take off the paper, it should be super clear where to start carving.

Then, you simply plug it in, and set it to the hottest setting (it has a dial-set it to red).  Now be very careful as the tool is HOT.  I used a protective mask as well because of the possible fumes and carved in a well ventilated area (but this is up to you).

When using the Versa tool, slower is better, let the tool guide but it should cut through like butter!  The BEST part of this project is you can add to it yearly.  I drew my inspiration from this instagram account, they have hand carved a BUNCH of these babies and decorate yearly with them, #goals.

 I sure hope this helps  and you find some inspiration!  So get out there and get carving!

Jaimee Lynne

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