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Halloween Home Tour 2018 + Friday Favorites

Although I LOVE the holiday, we don't usually go too overboard with decorating for Halloween Our decorations usually consist primarily of bats (they honestly class everything up) and are super super cheap decor.  We also LOVE buying those witches brooms that they sell in grocery stores.  The kids play with them the whole season and they smell like cinnamon-a win win.  Although they might be a bit overplayed, I always enjoy using our Letterfolk letterboard from season to season to switch up the vibe.  A favorite quote of ours is always, "It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus"--honestly, is there anything better than that movie??

Over the next two weeks or so we will be busy prepping for our little pajama pumpkin party (think Krispy Kreme Halloween donuts) and pulling our costumes together.  Does anyone have a good trick to get a two year old into a costume?  I thought I picked the perfect costume for young Lucas but it turned out he hates it and now I'm trying to get him to love it!

And now for some Friday faves:

**These pajamas are SO good (& this for boys) as well as these ones for baby, why are buying pajamas for littles so addicting?

**I just got this blanket from Arhaus--and am loving the pom trend--soooo cozy

**My blackout cupcakes were a hit with the neighborhood!  Pin the link here -you won't be disappointed!!

Lastly, follow along with us on instagram (@jaimrichards) to see what adventures we are up to this weekend!! P.S. The hubby got me photography classes for my birthday and I'm SO excited to find my own style & to update the blog a bit!

Jaimee Lynne

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