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When Leaves Fall, Gnoming, and other random thoughts

It has been quite the week over here.  I caught a nasty stomach flu and so I've been riding the struggle bus between work and being a mom so the blog has taken a back seat but....we are back!

Last weekend we went on the most epic morning picnic ever.  There's this nearby park we frequent that has the most beautiful row of fall foliage you have ever seen.  Although it isn't the woods or part of a field, there was a perfect spot to put down a blanket and just enjoy the gorgeous fall morning.  We were the only ones there and it felt magical.  We left early to grab donuts at our favorite (Top Pot for your Seattlites) and then drove across the street.  The kids LOVED it and didn't even seem to mind the cold.

Like I said, this week has been just one of those weeks but we did get a special surprise on our lawn the other day, a creepy (like intensely creepy) skeleton gnome!!  I wondered when I saw it, is 'gnoming' a thing during Halloween?!  Am I super out of the loop!?  (apparently, yes).  The kids thought that it was the best thing ever and I immediately went texting our neighbors trying to solve the mystery of the gnoming.  Turns out the story is just as interesting.  I guess one night last week, a bunch of my neighbors got tipsy by a craft store and thought it would be hilarious to buy a bunch of these gnomes and go around the neigborhood 'gnoming' everyone (well played ladies, well played).  It's a tradition I think we will stick with.  That afternoon we 'gnomed' two more houses!  Since I've never seen it done anywhere else, I feel like it's a NEW tradition that I can share with all of you and would be SO fun for your littles.

This weekend, we host our annual pajama pumpkin party so we are all in and excited for that.  We are set to get some great weather again and are taking full advantage before the rain comes.

Have a great weekend!

Jaimee Lynne

**P.S. Anthro Perks is having 25% off of EVERYTHING today, and I know it's not even Halloween yet but I have a bunch of stuff in my cart for Christmas!!! (Fa la la la la la la ka-ching!)          

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