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Kids Halloween Party Invitations + A Pajama Pumpkin Soiree

It's that time of year again when the holidays kick into high gear!!  I feel like it takes most of my energy just accomplishing day to day work and mom tasks and I'm such a last minute planner.  However, this year I teamed up with (and was sponsored) by the AMAZING company, Basic Invite, in an attempt to get our Pumpkin Party invites out early this year!  As far as selection goes, they offer the best holiday cards--I'm in love with all of them.

 **Please note that all the thoughts in this post are mine and I would never promote something I didn’t believe in or love.

We set out picking six different kids Halloween party invitations that would really stand out. My love of design and type made me especially excited to create custom samples that catered to our needs.  Basic Invite is unique in that they allow you to order a printed sample of the actual invitation.  It was a load off to recieve the actual invite and see the quality before going all in on an order.  Plus, their website is SUPER user friendly and, you guys, they have so many opportunities to customize and then view an instant preview!

Jordan had a blast picking them all out with me, she especially loved customizing the colors (over 180 options to be exact!) As soon as all of the kids got their invites in the mail, parents kept texting me how cute they were!

It was honestly the BEST weeeknd for a party and although we had a lot of kiddos come down with a bug that were unable to make it (hey, it happens!), we were super excited to get crafty and eat donuts all morning.

And I know that Halloween hasn't even arrived yet but I'm already thinking of all the creative Christmas cards I can send this year!!  I'm serioulsy thinking of renting an old Chevy or station wagon to haul our tree on this year (can't wait!) and am excited to order my Christmas cards. 

Head on over and use the coupon code: holi30 for 30% off your order!!! 

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Happy Shopping Friends!

Jaimee Lynne

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