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Christmas Music Jams

Hi all!  Although I'm a total sucker for Christmas, we don't tend to do the major decorating until after Thanksgiving is over (especially since we are hosting this year!).  The one thing we DO enjoy (a tad early) is busting out some festive music.  It's great especially in the mornings when we are playing or in the evenings as I'm making dinner.  And this time of year has me SO excited for SNOW!!  These pictures are from last year but I cannot wait to take the kids up to the mountains again. I'm hoping to book a sweet Air BNB cabin and check that off my holiday bucket list.  Also, for those of you who are local to Seattle, we cannot wait to drive up to Leavenworth for their Holiday Lights Festival, it looks so magical!! 

Below is my Spotify playlist.  Feel free to add some to your own playlists and happy listening!

Jaimee Lynne

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