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Thanksgiving Weekend And The Kickoff To Christmas!

We had a WONDERFUL holiday weekend full of food, family, and too much candy cane tootsie pops!!  Thanksgiving day was amazing and the weather cooperated enough so that we were able to sneak outside for a bit to burn off some energy!  When the kids woke up that morning (4:00 & 5:00 respectively...woof), I was so excited to knock out our pumpkin pie with Jordan and watch the Macy's day parade in front of the fire.  How come the vision in your head of the holidays always seem to not jive with the reality?

**I've linked some items at the bottom of each picture**


Jordan's dress

Red Dress

Jordan's Tights
Luke's hat


Jordan's pajamas

Jordan's pajamas

Luke's shoes

Regardless, I've been trying to embrace chaos and just roll with it.  The pie crust was just a leeetle too dry (oh well), Luke kept getting into everything and then throwing a fit on the floor (eye roll), and I never did get to see much of the parade but you know what?  I loved every second of it!  I love spending time with my family, at home, without any true obligations like work or school weighing us down.

On Black Friday, Jordan and I always go shopping.  Some people might call us nuts but we had SUCH a good time.  No one will convince me that three years old isn't the best age ever!  Jordan is like my little shopping buddy and we had such a fun girls day together.

Saturday, Jordan and Jesse went to go see grandma in her show, The Holiday Inn, at the 5th Avenue theater in downtown Seattle.  She LOVED it!! It's more difficult than you may think to explain to a 3 year old what an actress/singer does for a living but it was exciting for her to get the opportunity to see it in person.  The highlights for her were getting to see grandma put on her wigs, laughing at all the funny dialogue on stage and then screaming ACTION! in an otherwise quiet audience for all to hear (haha).

Sunday, we got up early and headed to our favorite Christmas tree lot.  Rain is always a worry in Seattle but if you don't go out in the rain, you end up never going outside!  It's a running joke in our family that something ALWAYS goes wrong the day we are going to cut down our tree.  Last year (when Luke was only 8 weeks old so--mom brain), I forgot Jordan's winter coat and she had to put a blanket over her as we were searching for trees!  This year, right after we got the tree it legit started to downpour!  But, like I said, I'm trying to embrace the crazy and the memories we are making truly make my heart so happy.

We are looking SO forward to flying to Disney World this Friday, which means that I need to get in gear and get packing!  Hope to have one more gift guide for you guys out sometime this week.  But until then, follow along on our Christmas and Disney antics on my instagram @jaimrichards.

Hope everyone had a magical weekend!

Jaimee Lynne

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