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That's a Wrap on Halloween 2017

We had a WONDERFUL Halloween night.  Since I found out that Jordan was a girl, I've wanted to do a Wizard of Oz themed costume.  When your great grandmother is Judy Garland and you have a daughter, it's kind of a given that she will end up being Dorothy at some point. 

Last year, Luke was less than a month old so I was very excited to see how he would react to all the festiveness--based on the pictures I think he liked all the activity but was more than ready for bed around 7.  Jord loved getting to put on makeup (which was a highlight) but 'oops' forgot that we don't use our sleeve to wipe your nose when we have bright pink lipstick on (haha).  Her darling dress is from Zara, the little moccasin mary janes are from freshly picked and her bow we got from an amazing seller on Etsy.

Our neighbors always hold an annual Halloween party so we popped over there for some scary treats and a Haunted Hallway before trick or treating!  I love our neighborhood this time of year.  Almost all the families come over to celebrate and then the kids all go trick or treating afterwards.  This year it was a lot of, "let's go to a few houses with Luke and then join the neighbors", or "oh oops let's go home really quick to grab a coat" or "GG is on her way, let's head back for a second"  poor child, she really just wanted to trick or treat.  Which, she did!  Girlfriend could have seriously stayed out until 11 if we let her.  The first house we went to (our other neighbor) she rang the doorbell, said "trick or treat" and then literally walked into the house like it was totally a thing!  She did this last year too and I love that she feels so comfortable with our neighbors but we seriously need to reexplain proper trick or treating etiquette.  

After the final house, we headed home to hand out some candy.  Except for our dog barking every 5 minutes at the doorbell, this was also a highlight of the night.  I'm pretty sure I failed in the 'making a healthy dinner' department but candy is totally considered a major food group on Halloween so...I guess we will be extra health conscious today.

I'm loving sharing in holidays with my littles.  Jordan and I are already planning where we are going to put the Christmas tree so I just cannot wait until that happens---time for merry and magic.

I hope you all had an equally amazing Halloween---until next year!

Jaimee Lynne

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  1. Love the pics J. Looks like everyone had a great time. Love you. Dad.