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Festive Fridays 1.0

Thermal Shirt//Booties in Taupe//sunglasses//Pink boots

Tis the season!  I'm starting what I like to call "Festive Friday's".  I'll share festive finds, or festive activities I'm enjoying with the family--who knows?  I might just inspire someone to get out there and enjoy the abundance of FALL!

This past weekend we trekked up to Snohomish, WA to pick our annual pumpkins.  This proved interesting this year with one three year old and one (not yet walking) 12-month old.  I've been told before that it's hard for me not to dart around trying to do a million things.  Here's the thing, I'm a mom that works outside of the home so I don't get to spend endless hours with my babies.  On weekends, we like to maximize our family time and cram as many fun activities in as we can.

Luke was a huge fan of the pillow/trampoline contraption that allowed him to crawl all over.  Jordan was in it for the food (obvi) and picking the perfect pumpkin.  Girlfriend has some stamina when it comes to picking the right pumpkin.  This is honestly such a fun age for me.  She will constantly ask me if we can "talk about Halloween" or "where we are going to put our Christmas tree" (in October)....I love this girl.  

The donuts were to DIE for.  Apple cider and freshly dipped in icing.  The kids both had fun in the hay maze and petting the animals.  We left before the hayride but as most parents know, getting home before bedtime is a must.

Sunday we hosted a small pumpkin painting party (read: spooky donuts and activities that keep my kid busy until nap time).  Finally by Sunday, I was able to put my feet up and enjoy some hot tea.  

What are your Fall plans!?  Get out there an seize your Festive Friday!!



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