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What It's Like Raising Kids Away From Family

I've wanted to write about this topic for a long time now.  In this season of my life, I'm doing a lot of self reflection and it's a topic I think not that many people get to talk about.  I've lived away from home (New York) now for nine years.  That's nine years of missed holidays, birthdays, games and school functions for my nieces.  It's a strange thing as you begin to carve out your own life separate from your family.  There were times when I was living in Los Angeles where I was so homesick I could barely stand it.  With time, this got better and it was a tremendous learning experience for me.

So, onto the point of this post....raising kiddos away from family.  It was never my true intent to have babies and raise them in a different state than what I grew up in---but it just happened that way.  When Jesse was offered a job up in Seattle, we packed our bags (5 years ago..!) and moved our lives up to the PNW.  When we got pregnant with Jordan, my perspective changed.  I longed to share my pregnancy with my mom, dad, sister and FAMILY.  My mom (a wise woman) also reminded me to "bloom where you're planted."  At times I didn't appreciate the saying but now it's something I try to remember every single day.

Raising kids away from family is like being around your kids 24/7 with no break.  At times it's hard, exhausting, and I severely wish that my mother was around to just "pop in".  That being said, I'm such a stronger mama not having family to rely on.  My husband and I just somehow, magically, FIGURE.SHIT.OUT.  I remember panicking when initially trying to find childcare for Jordan.  ALL the feelings went into how I was going to put her with someone who I felt I knew well enough to watch after my precious three month old while I was at work.

Through a series of events, we came across the most wonderful girl to look after our baby.  A young mom but not lacking in experience she provided the BEST atmosphere, the most cozy home.  When I cried the first week, she gave me a plant and note that reminded me Jordan was fine and in great hands.  What luck!?  In the months and years that follow, I'm reminded constantly that while we are lacking in immediate family members, we have accrued SO many friends that FEEL like family.

When Luke's first birthday rolled around this year, none of our families could make it.  After having a small pity party about it, I sent out invites and realized just how many people here love my kids.

So, while the days are long the amount of gratefulness I feel is tremendous.  All you parents out there, that pull duty, double duty, and make things seem effortless without your families, GOOD FOR YOU!

And Cheers to my husband for nine wonderful years together (with four years of marriage under our belt).  Love you like no other!

(all photos courtesy of my girl Anna @ ADN Designs )

Jaimee Lynne


  1. Aw so sweet!! Working with kids is really hard but I’m happy I played a small part in making your transition a little easier... Miss you guys! You are pretty cute- good job mama!❤️