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Luke Turns O N E !!!!

My little Lukie bear is officially ONE! How did this happen!?  Just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.  What a year of learning this has been.  Two kids was a complete game changer for us.  I'm happy to report that we've settled into a very manageable routine now and Jordan is (mostly) happy she has a brother and not the sister that she apparently wanted.

Luke is my most laid back baby.  He is a mama's boy and is always at my leg wanting to be held or snuggling up close the minute 6:00 rolls around.  He has such an infectious laugh and smiles all day long.  He LOVES when his sister pays any attention to him and laughs at everything she does (except when she occasionally pushes him down or choke holds him by accident...gah).  He is not quite walking yet but gets around at lightening speed and I often catch him halfway up the stairs if it's quiet for even 10 seconds.  He is a messy eater but loves to try new foods and has had no issues switching from formula to milk-hallelujah!  

I never pictured myself a boy mom but I'm so enjoying having one of each.  If we only ever have two kids I'll be so content and happy with where our family is right now.  

Since my little dude is a true Pacific North Wester (is that a word?)...we decided to have his first birthday outside.  This was a gamble since the weather can be hit or miss this time of year but we figured we would just make it work.  SO glad that we only had to compete with some mild wind.  We had it at our favorite lake and the scenery did not disappoint.  I knew I wanted to have a 'bear' theme and it completely worked given the surroundings especially.  I threw together a scavenger hunt for Jordan's friends who were invited and other than that we just threw around the football, played some soccer and enjoyed our little man's special day. 

(Source List can be found below)

Even better is the fact that our birthday's fall one day apart, I'm more than happy to have shared my special day with my most special teeny man.  

Happy First Birthday my littlest love


Jaimee Lynne

All 'bear' signs: Prints for Events
Bear Mask: Sarmon
Pencils and Black Bear from Michaels
Moccasins by Minnetonka: Moccasins
Birthday Dude Shirt by ILY Couture: https://ilycouture.com/products/birthday-dude-blue
Bear Plates by Meri Meri: Plates

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