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Halloween Weekend Haps

What a fun Halloween weekend!  Per usual we tried to cram in as much as we possibly could.  Friday kicked off with our movie night.  We finally let Jordan watch the Wizard of Oz.  Not sure if she understands that 'Dorothy' is her great grandmother but...it was interesting trying to explain it to her!

Saturday we got a bunch of errands out of the way.  Jordan had her last soccer game/practice and Lukie got his very first haircut!  After naps we went downtown to meet my mother-in-law.  She's in town performing in "The Holiday Inn" at the 5th Avenue Theater.  Jordan got a kick out of going back stage and seeing where GG works.  We grabbed an early-ish dinner down at the Market and were home in time for bedtime!

Sunday morning we went to a friend's birthday party.  It was Halloween themed and we came ready. Luke was seriously shooting me insane side eye the whole time with my tiger makeup...little dude didn't know what to think of all the people in costume.  

The afternoon graced us with some really beautiful Fall weather...leaves everywhere and crisp temperatures.  We decided to carve pumpkins outside and it was a huge hit with Jordan this year.  Luke definitely attempted to eat at least 10 pumpkins seeds before he stood up in the chair and slipped a leg through one of the openings...the photo ops ended after that ;)  The hit of the night was lighting up our Jack-o-lantern with sparklers.  You can literally use sparklers for every holiday--I'm convinced.  

We had bomb homemade chicken tacos, watched some Hocus Pocus, and tucked the kids into bed.  Jess and I stayed up waaaay too late binge watching Stranger Things then FINALLY crawled into bed.  Isn't that what Halloween weekends are for!?

How did you celebrate the kickoff to holiday season??

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  1. All looks so fun. Happy you had a great weekend! FaceTime us before you go trick or treating tomorrow. Love you! Dad