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A DIY Valentines Body Scrub

It's Monday and I'm home sick ....ugh.  I'm drinking all things green, eating salad and doubling up on Elderberry and lemon in my water.  I thought that I would take some time to put together a little DIY for you today.  Don't you just instantly feel better when you're sick and you take a shower?? I'm totally one of those people.  I feel sort of refreshed and energized and not as gross.

This would also be a good gift for the gal in your life (I'm looking at you mama;)  The best part is that most of you have the ingredients already in your home! I got this recipe from The Idea Room, girl knows her scrubs!  Enjoy!

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

-1/4 cup white sugar
-1/2 cup coconut oil (not melted)
-1/4 cup pink sugar (I added some beet juice to get the pink color)
-5-6 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

*Make ¼ cup pink sugar. Make this by adding a few drops of beet juice to the sugar and mixing it together with fingers. Set aside.

*Combine white sugar and the solid coconut oil in a medium bowl and beat together with a hand    
  mixer (or a stand mixer). Beat together until a smooth paste forms.

 *Beat together until mixed well and becomes light and fluffy.
*Fold in the pink sugar. This gives it a nice two-toned appearance in your jar.

*Should last up to a month sealed in an air-tight container. Be sure to scoop with clean hands to prevent spreading germs and bacteria.

That's it!! You can thank me later---Happy Monday Loves <3

Jaimee Lynne

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