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Finding Your happy.

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Hi friends!!  Today I'm here to talk about finding your happy.  For those of you who have little ones, the days often seem long and their is always that endless laundry list of crap to get through before the payoff (kids in bed).  It doesn't happen every second of every day, but practicing gratefulness is what I'm all about lately.

Today I text my mom and said, "I'm trying to practice more gratefulness.  I'm grateful for YOU! I love you!"  And you know what?  It made me SO happy!  It also made HER happy.  It takes two seconds out of your day to express gratefulness/gratitude.  I repeat this a lot:  "Thank you lord for my health, my family's health and the health of my babies."  I'm not going to take my blessings for granted!!

Am I a perfect person? No.  Do I get jealous and yell at my kids some days and get frustrated with life--Yes.  But, perspective is a wonderful thing to have.  On a daily basis, all my NEEDS are met, I have a roof over my head, loving and HAPPY babies, an amazing husband and a job that I feel like I can make an impact with.

So, cut yourself a break but also know that things could always be worse!  Put it out into the atmosphere, pray, and ask for the things that you want in life---and try your best to make them reality!!

Thank you for starting this blogging journey with me, it may not be perfect, but I really do enjoy sharing with you all!!

I've started the hashtag #thehappyprojectjl on my instagram: @jaimrichards.   My challenge to you (if you are an instagram person--no judging if you're not!) is to post one picture a week of what makes you happy--and hashtag it!!  I'd love make happiness a movement!!!  More fun things in the works soon so hang with me!!

Jaimee Lynne

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